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Play in the Cascading Havasupai Waterfalls
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Play in the Cascading Havasupai Waterfalls

By: Austin Adventures February 22, 2012

Havasupai Waterfalls















Prepare yourself for a rockin’ adventure vacation package with Austin Lehman guides as you take a hiking trip to reach Havasupai Falls.

Blessed with numerous exquisite pools and waterfalls, this place is an ideal location for camping. Plenty of lodges are available for people who don’t want to stay out at night; however, the experience of camping is generally described as a commune with nature. Havasupai Falls are a must see destination when holidaying in Havasupai Village. The waterfall plunges almost 100 feet falling into a pool of green blue waters. You can jump into the falls from behind this grand structure, and it will push you to safety by the sheer natural power generated in the pool.

After a day of hiking to the cascading waterfall, the joy of relaxing and playing in the water below is a perfect way to end the day. The next day brings even more excitement and adventure as you take the hike to the farthest fall of Havasupai – Beaver Falls. It is a series of falls all the way to the canyon and makes a perfect destination to play around all day and then spend a night in the Grand Canyon. It is the kind of Grand Canyon vacation that will force you to make it a yearly ritual forever.

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