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Preserve A Park Program
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Preserve A Park Program


Being National Park Week I wanted to share what Austin-Lehman is doing to protect our nation’s most valuable treasures. Every year since 2010, Austin-Lehman Adventures has supported US National Park preservation by selecting a recipient National Park program and donating a portion of its profits, this year we have chosen to help Canyonlands National Park. Last year with the help of our amazing guest we raised $5,400 for the Yosemite Conservancy.

In times of reduced Federal funding (National Park programs suffered a $101 million funding cut in the 2011 Federal budget alone), ALA has pledged a $100 per person donation to a designated non-profit organization for each guest reserving a spot on its 2012 small group Arches to Moab Multisport Adventure.

“New guests and our loyal alumni love knowing that a portion of their trip fee helps preserve our national treasures” said Dan Austin.

Our Arches to Moab proram lets you explore Canyonlands National Park. See the amazing Colorado River by raft and pedal between burnt-orange sheer-walled canyons and enormous white-rimmed sandstone towers on a road snaking through Colorado National Monument. Marvel at how itty-bitty you feel as you traverse looming, crimson rock formations at Fisher Towers. Hike by ancient petroglyphs remains etched in stone, a glimpse into the rituals and beliefs of the Fremont, Anasazi, Navajo and Anglo communities of thousands of years past.

It is our privilege to be the stewards of these natural wonders and to protect something that has given us so much. Helping to make sure that these natural treasures are around for future generations. Austin-Lehman offers family adventure vacations and adult advenutre vacation packages to see Canyonlands National Park.

Your friendly nature lover,


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