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Rediscover Simplicity in Holland
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Rediscover Simplicity in Holland

Tulip fields in Holland

holland family vacation

For the ultimate journey into relaxation in a colorful landscape take a European vacation to Holland, and discover a land that is marvelously filled with more bikes than people. Find fields of yellow and purple, drenched in the enchanting scent of hyacinths and daffodils. Nature never smelled so delightful. Visit Holland and rediscover beautiful simplicity.

Austin Adventures’ Cycling Tours are a wonderful way to experience this beautiful country and to meet new people. Cycle paths are found in abundance, keeping cyclists at a comfortable distance from vehicles. The smooth landscape and mild climate combine to make biking through Holland an activity not to be missed.

Water lovers will adore the canals in Amsterdam and can imagine living in one of the many houses lining the waterways. If the beach is more your thing, visit the seaside town of Scheveningen.

For those who enjoy art and history, museums are plentiful as is Holland’s history of celebrated individuals including Van Gogh and Anne Frank. With its charming gardens and pleasant beach towns, it is no wonder that artists find inspiration in Holland.

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