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Rekindle Romance with Adventure Vacations for Couples
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Rekindle Romance with Adventure Vacations for Couples

amazon river cruise

Rekindle your romantic side on adventure vacations for couples in the most exotic and astoundingly beautiful Amazon River cruise. Peru’s rich flora and fauna waits to be explored in the Delfin ll riverboat with your own cozy personal cabin to relax whenever you want.

While exploring be sure to watch out for the world’s smallest monkey, the pygmy marmoset, on your hiking trail to Belluda Cano. Visit the world’s largest wetland reserve, Pacaya Simiria National Reserve. You’ll also want to keep eyes and ears open as you won’t want to miss catching a glimpse of beautiful parrots and macaws all while listening to the sound of laughing falcons while you are at it.

The Amazon has mysteriously attractive rainforests with rich wildlife, and exploring it in an upscale private boat is an amazing experience as you cross through hidden waterways of the Peruvian Amazon. Search the Caro Curahuayte Lagoon for piranha with bellies of red, black and white, and also discover the spectacular wild life with animals like iguanas and monkeys.

Our adventure travel journey continues with swimming alongside pink and grey dolphins on the El Dorado River. At night, the already mysterious forests become all the more mystic, and it’s time for you to take out your flashlight and look for nocturnal rarely seen wildlife. Adventure tours in the Amazon are not complete without looking for spectacled owls, fish bats and Caimans at night.

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