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Ride Your Way through History in Germany
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Ride Your Way through History in Germany

germany bike tour

European Vacations are a wonderful indulgence for travelers looking to discover storybook towns and marvels of the medieval age. An Austin Lehman adventure through Germany offers the perfect way to explore and watch as history comes to life with the perfect combination of romance and adventure.

Medieval, half-timbered homes, fields of sunflowers, stunning gardens and magnificent castles adorn the road that leads you from Nördlingen to Wertheim, Germany. Justifiably called Romantic Road, the crooked streets, lovely flowers and vibrant pastures are comparable only to a picturesque scene out of a storybook.

Cycling tours are the picture perfect way to explore the quaint villages in southern Germany. Travelers can pedal through villages filled with cliff-side gardens, museums, rivers and boutique shops. Find a panoramic view unlike any other in Rothenburg at the top of a Renaissance structure and explore the relics of a criminal museum. Enjoy a sunset on the serene Tauber River. And after a long day of cycling and sightseeing, relax with a home-brewed beer and a delicious, wholesome dish that you can only find in Germany.

Call today to plan your ideal European Vacation with Austin Lehman Adventures and travel your way through history this year.

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