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Romantic Bike Tour Through La Rioja, Spain
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Romantic Bike Tour Through La Rioja, Spain


La Rioja, Spain is home to hundreds of remarkable wineries that are as beautiful as they are delectable. Filled with historical monasteries, endless fields of vineyards, and amazing activities like wine tasting and hot air balloon rides, this is the perfect location for a romantic adventure vacation. Spain is famous for their wines and flavors so what better location to bring the one you love, and lavish them in the best of what this country has to offer. This tour offers the perfect mix of comforting luxurious accommodations, to mouth-watering cuisines, and world-renowned adventure activities. Book your Spain bike tour today with Austin-Lehman Adventures for the romantic getaway of a lifetime.

The city of La Rioja, along with all of the other cities that Austin-Lehman Adventures provides adventure tours through, was not chosen by chance. Time, experience, and research went into designing the perfect itineraries and locations for each and every trip and Spain is no exception. Offering scenic mountain ranges, incredible landscapes, as well as Mediterranean forests, the natural ambiance of Spain is Mother Nature’s own romantic retreat. Plan a romantic holiday get away and visit La Rioja!


You can wander along the historic roads of Pamplona, Spain while you and your other half will learn fantastic stories, and view The Citadel and City Walls that enclose this historical haven. You can cuddle up as you hear stories of traditional running of the bulls, and you can dance through the villages as you are serenaded by sounds of flamenco. You can later retreat to your romantic room at Hotel Tres Reyes located in the beautiful Taconera Gardens, the oldest and most stunning in Pamplona.


Next you will explore the fairy tale land of Olite, Ujue complete with castles and fortresses built by the monarchs of Navarre. Exploring the wetlands you may see some unique wildlife as you climb the hilltop and capture the view and memories on film. You will then be able to explore to the historic-artistic site of Haro. Known for its delicious red wines you can enjoy a local glass, and taste some of the delightful local fares.

Cruising through the ancient cities of Spain on two wheels you will experience new adventures, and see the beauty that makes this country a must place to experience for most travelers. When planning a cycling vacation for you and someone you love, you can normally consider it work with all the planning and organizing. This summer vacation is already organized with accommodations planned, activities outlined, and costs all laid out upfront. It will not be your responsibility to figure out transportation, or worry about keeping things on schedule. Go on you next adventure vacation with Austin-Lehman Adventures and let them plan all the details, so you can focus on what’s important – The person your spending the vacation with!

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