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Savegre Cloud Forrest | Ultimate Costa Rica Adventure
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Savegre Cloud Forrest | Ultimate Costa Rica Adventure

Warm water beaches, volcanoes, jungles and amazing surf. Costa Rica has become known as the adventures paradise and there is little mystery as to why. With pristine beaches providing perfect lefts and rights on the Pacific Coast, and miles of crystal clear blue snorkeling waters on the Caribbean side, this Country is literally filled with adventure from coast to coast! No matter what activity the adventurer in you is searching for, your Costa Rica Adventure Tour is sure to have it. Austin-Lehman Adventures even upped the anti and recently just added a new Costa Rica Tour to the menu!

Savegre Cloud Forrest

Costa Rica Family adventure tour travels from the stunning and famous Arenal Volcano and rainforest and brings you along to Manuel Antonio, which offers nothing less then magnificent sights with its’ luxurious white sand beaches stretching straight up to the lush green rainforest’s edge. Arenal Volcano is a great place to hike and see some of the playful wildlife that Costa Rica is known for. From monkeys, and wild cats, to butterflies and tropical birds. Enjoy nature’s playground as you walk through the treetops on the hanging bridges. Once you get your fill of natures beauty you can dive into some of the natural hot springs, and allow yourself to truly unwind on your tropical vacation. The natural springs are thought to have healing properties due to the different mineral compositions. Even so just the feeling of relaxation with the lush green ambiance surrounding you is enough to help you unwind and enjoy a soak in the warm pools.

Costa Rica Adventure

The pace will speed up a bit as you arrive in Manuel Antonio. A surf lesson is the perfect activity to get your heart pounding and try something new. The beautiful beaches of Costa Rica offer surf breaks to please a beginner, a moderately skilled, or even a lifetime expert surfer. The warm waters and nice weather provide a great experience to allow optimal surroundings to get you up and surfing in no time. After you master the art of surfing, you can dive below the water and see what lies underneath the surface. The white sand beaches of Manuel Antonio provide great viewing opportunities for snorkeling, one of the few locations on the Pacific side that allows such clarity. Explore the forests edge by kayaking along the shoreline keeping an eye out for monkeys, sloths, iguanas, squirrels, and lizards.

Ultimate Costa Rica Adventure

If you were looking for a different adventure then what Manuel Antonio provides you could also book a Costa Rica tour that travels from Arenal to Tortugero. Still offering the beautiful jungles of Arenal and the relaxation of the springs, but switching gears a bit to voyage down a class III to class IV level river. The Pacuare River is rated one of the top 10 rivers in the world to raft down, and what better time then now to test your abilities. Afterwards you can slow down a bit and kayak the canals of Tortugero National Park and explore the wild as you search for monkeys, caimans, and crocodiles. Add a little more adrenalin pumping excitement as you repel down a waterfall and shoot through the air on a zip line. An adventure tour designed for the kid in all of us, for thrills and adventure you have only ever dreamed of check out a Costa Rica Adventure Vacation from Arenal to Tortugero.

costa rica adventure trip

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for. The reveal of a brand new, never been seen before, Costa Rica Austin-Lehman Adventure Tour releasing dates in 2013: We will be overing this tour: (3/17-23, 7/14-20, 12/15-21)! From Osa Peninsula to The Savegre Cloud Forrest. This tour has been added to experience some different sights and sounds that Costa Rica has to offer. This seven-day adventure takes you from coast to mountainous interior exploring the Sierpe River through the mangrove wetlands, to the jungles of Corcovado National Park. This forest is named “one of the most biologically intense places on earth” by National Geographic. Experience tapirs, jaguars, and scarlet macaws during the day and retreat to your relaxing and luxurious hand picked accommodations at night. The activities and cuisines are just as amazing and magnificent as the rest of Austin-Lehman Adventures traditional vacations, so try your hand at something new visiting the private nature reserve in the Savegre Cloud Forrest and the exclusive Osa Peninsula only reached by boat.

Ultimate costa richa travel

No matter which adventure tour you chose, Costa Rica is a guaranteed excitement filled excursion through a variety of different types of activities and locations. Water, sand, jungle, and flight, you will not tire of the diversity that Costa Rica has to offer. Book your Austin-Lehman Adventure today and see what new adventures nature has to offer. Check out some photos from our Costa Rica Adventure Travels on Pinterest.

Costa Rica Adventure travel

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