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Six Things I Keep in My Backpack to Make Your Vacation Better by Yellowstone Guide Bryan Codi

Six Things I Keep in My Backpack to Make Your Vacation Better by Yellowstone Guide Bryan Codi


Obviously, every guide carries the necessities in his/her pack: extra water, first aid kit, two-way radios, potty packs, some snacks. But what you may not know is that every guide has his or her own secrets in their guide pack of tricks to help make every Austin Adventures trip special. I am going to give you an insider’s view into SOME (not all, a guy has to have some secrets) of the things you’ll find in my pack.



Out in the field there is always something that deserves a closer look, but sometimes it’s not safe to get as close as you’d like to. In Yellowstone, for example, there are about a dozen things that are very fascinating from a distance, Grizzly bears, wolves, bison and elk to name a few, that are much better seen through the lenses of binoculars.

Solar Charger
Despite everyone’s best efforts for preparedness, a dead battery can seem to strike anywhere. From cameras to cell phones and iPads to GPSs, my portable solar charger can get guests the juice they need on the trail to snap that photo – and post it to Facebook!

It’s always nice to know where you are in life, especially when you head off the beaten path. My GPS watch can tell us how far we have hiked, biked, rafted or ridden. It can also tell us how high we’ve gone, and what our elevation changes have been. Our guests are amazed at how far and high they can climb. It definitely increases their sense of accomplishment!

Field Guides
Austin Adventures guides have a seemingly endless wealth of knowledge about the world around them, but preparedness is key when it comes to answering obscure questions. Field guides about flora and fauna, geology and history and some other subjects always come in handy.

I carry a Leatherman OHT, which has a huge variety of tools and functions. A knife and pliers come in handy, but so does an eyeglass repair tool and a nail file. Never leave home without it.

Silver Platter
And of course, the silver platter. An Austin Adventures exclusive for all our trips and all our guides! You just never know where the silver platter will show up, and what may be on it. There is only one way to find out – we will see you on the trail!

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