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Small Ships, Big Adventures | Discover a Better Way to Explore
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Small Ships, Big Adventures | Discover a Better Way to Explore

Small Ship Cruises

Austin Adventures Offers the Perfect Balance of Luxury and Adventure with Small Ship Cruises

You’ve decided to start planning your next adventure cruise. Now to prepare, but how? The type of vessel will set the tone for your vacation. If you’ve never considered a small ship cruise, you’re missing out on a very special experience.

While larger vessels can sail 5000 passengers at a time, they can be impersonal and overwhelming. You’ll be part of a huge metropolitan floating city, and likely never see the same face twice. Our small ship cruises bring the small, intimate group explorations that Austin Adventures is famous for to the sea.

Our small ship cruises equal connections.

Whether you are blazing trails remote coastal shores or up close and personal with wildlife, you make connections. If you are the intimate type who prefers to meet people and make connections, a small ship is more suited to your purpose. Small ship cruises give you the opportunity to break away from the crowds. You’ll meet fellow explorers, adventurers, and storytellers.

Our small ships equal big adventures.

Imagine embarking in luxury and class towards Baja on our President’s Day Trip. You’ll spend your days swim alongside whale sharks, kayaking through the lagoon, or sipping cold refreshments on secluded beaches. Baja is one of four places in the world where whale sharks annually congregate to feed on algae, plankton, and krill. Experience the thrill of swimming alongside these gentle giants in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez! Relax at the Las Animas Ecolodge, a self-sustaining, solar-powered retreat consisting of eight well-appointed beachside yurts.

Or maybe you see yourself somewhere tropical. While you glide up the Hawaiian seascapes be on the lookout for humpback whales to surface or seals bathing in the sun. By day, you immerse yourself in the local traditions of the island or take a stroll to Sweetheart Rock. At night you unwind with a massage and a cocktail or snorkel with Giant Pacific Manta Rays.

With Austin Adventure’s signature small ship cruises, the unsung, silver-lining is our perfect balance of luxury and adventure. The size of the vessel allows you to go off-the-beaten-path. We’ve partnered with the best in business to create tailor-made, one of a kind experiences. No two departures are the same. The fun begins when you board the ship, but the journey starts as you disembark the small liner and immerse yourself in the destination.

No matter where you imagine your next adventure, Austin Adventures has a variety of action-packed small ship cruises. Find yourself immersed in a world full of wildlife, history, and culture. While we’ve arranged for your vacation to be perfect, the small size of your ship allows captain and crew to deviate from the plan and go where opportunities are greatest—wildlife encounters, paddling and snorkeling, hiking, and other experiences. You’re guaranteed to experience our signature wows.

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