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Spain: A Colorful Retreat
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Spain: A Colorful Retreat


European Vacations are a magnificent way to escape your day-to-day routine and discover new ways of life. And Spain is the perfecto escape, whether you’re looking to experience plenty of sunshine and delightful tapas or drinks galore with a bit of boisterous activity.

Pedal through colorful towns on one of Austin Lehman’s Cycling Tours through spectacular Spain. Discover a world you never knew existed with bright colors, delicious cuisine and friendly locals.

Wine lovers will delight in a visit to the Rioja area. Discover firsthand how the Tempranillio grape becomes a mouthwatering red wine. Then enjoy a glass at one of Haro’s best bodegas.

For those looking for a more rowdy adventure vacation, Spain will not disappoint. Sangria, close encounters with bulls and plenty of sun make Spain a great place to meet new people and experience activities that are just too crazy to have anywhere else. If you choose to visit during the summer, Pamplona features an event called “Running the Bulls.” In July, authorities release herds of bulls into a raucous crowd of people. Join the crowd. Get ready to run or just watch safely from a balcony above.

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