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Places to Visit in Spain While You Are On Your Spain Bike Tour


Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and Granada; all cities you thought you would miss on your upcoming adventure tour through Spain. Just to name a few of the gorgeous and breathtaking cities that the historic country of Spain has become famous for. As you plan your dream adventure vacation of a lifetime to visit La Rioja and the Navarra provinces of Northern Spain, you have probably also wondered what it would be like to visit some areas not on the itinerary. The splendor of an Austin Adventures tour is that you will be sure to see the best that each location you visit, has to offer. If the travel bug has bit you, and you are able to spend some time before and/or after your adventure tour, you should definitely check out some of the other local activities and antique cities that the striking country of Spain has to offer.


Your Spain Bike Tour will not fall short of your expectations as you meander through the city of historic Pamplona on a guided tour, where the running of the bulls is held. You will also trek along the ancient pilgrimage route of Camino De Santiago, reveling in the beauty of the nearby villages. You can also plan on a toast in Olite, wine capital of the Navarra province. You will then bask in the views of the cliffs overlooking Rioja’s Cidacos valley, taking in views of almond groves and sheep laden meadows. A full adventure complete with memorable biking adventures, the most palatable foods you can imagine, and the most delectable wines you have ever had the pleasure of sampling. While Austin Lehman has taken the guesswork out of your next Spain vacation, you can still give the planning a go if you choose to check out some other parts of the country while you are visiting. Book your flight for a week before or after your Austin-Lehman Adventure, so you have some time to plan some explorations of your own.


If you happen to be planning your Spain vacation during the weeks between July 6th -14th you should definitely plan some time to visit the San Fermin Festival to see the famous running of the bulls. Enjoy wonderful music, delicious foods, exciting dance, and stunning fireworks. If you happen to miss the dates, your tour will still provide you with tons of stories and images so you will be able to practically hear the hoofs charging. You should also check out the Pamplona Cathedral, the brilliant stonework and gothic ancient interior is a site not to be missed. If you loved the Cathedral you should also take some time to check out Monasterio de Leyre which oldest records of the site date back to 842. The natural ambiance surrounding the Monasterio is also offers a gorgeous view as well. If you are not looking to visit churches you still have tons of museums, observatories, landmarks, and parks to visit and explore during your cycling tours.


If you are able to escape for more then a week before you tour you should also check out a few other cities. While visiting Madrid you can attend a soccer game at Santiago Bernabeu, or visit the famous impressive main plaza with delicious cafes and newsworthy bars. If you missed the running of the bulls in Pamplona you can watch a bullfight at the Ventas bullring. At night the town transforms into a party city with eclectic mixes of music, and the town just keeps dancing. Lastly don’t forget to start and end your day with a chocolate dipped churro.


Anyone looking to view some spectacular Spainish architecture on their adventure vaction will be sure to put Barcelona on the must see list. The Hospital de Sant Pau and Gaudi’s famous unfinished basilica Segrada Familia with modernist design and a short walk down Avenida de Gaudi, are windows of beauty looking through to the past. If you are also into art you can visit the Salvador Dali museum, or visit the Picasso Museum. If you just want to wander around you can stroll the streets of the Gothic Quarter or pass through Barcelona’s famous streets of Las Ramblas featuring street performers, endless shops, and vibrant atmosphere.

No matter which cities you trek through before and/or after your cycling tour there are a few activities you need to have in mind, set to accomplish. From enjoying tapas; specifically a delicious snack with your drinks out on the town, to catching a bull fight, soccer game, or visiting the splendid Alhambra Moorish Fortress located in the hills of Granada. Stop by the gardens of Seville to witness an authentic flamenco show fully packed with culture, folk music, and drunken gypsies. No matter what you plan for your adventure travel it is always great to plan a couple of extra days to explore other gems that the county has to offer. No tour can capture every bit of wonder that a location has to offer so take some time out to visit some other locations that you just can’t live without visiting.

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