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Step Back into Germany’s Medieval Times
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Step Back into Germany’s Medieval Times

Germany’s Romantic Road, the trade route during the middle ages, is like traveling back in time to the medieval era. The route surprisingly has been able to retain its character so that visitors can journey to the untouched and forgotten countryside.

While on our cycling tour, pedal through the arched gateways with guard towers to explore tiny villages with their old world charm. They offer beautiful historical buildings now turned into hotels, gothic cathedrals and much more. Visit a gorgeous palace with the best Baroque garden in Germany while you are in the thinly populated Rothenburg – Weikersheim region. It’s a vibrant village with incredible art and an amusing criminal museum.

When biking through the picture perfect streets of Nordlingen, stop to explore the 14th century walls and half-timbered houses. Our cycling tours take you through the thick forests along the Tauber River and give you an experience of being close to nature all while enjoying its unique flora and fauna. Explore the villages at your own pace and take a guided stroll with a spirited night watchman in Rothenburg. You’ll find evenings enjoyable in your cozy room as you sip delicious home brewed beer.

This European vacation is one of a kind, and its uniqueness makes it completely worth taking. You will also find that investing your trust and time in our adventure vacation packages will have you wanting to come back for vacation adventures with us over and over again.

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