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Take a Journey to Israel and Petra
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Take a Journey to Israel and Petra

It is the center of the universe to the world’s greatest religions and home to the ancient culture and history that has profoundly affected the world in so many ways. It is the country of Israel and its capital, Jerusalem, that ancient golden city on a hill that so many poets and authors have inscribed upon the annals of time. Adventurers for centuries have made pilgrimages to this small country to pay homage to spiritual things and learn of ancient secrets hidden within its stone walls.

Our adventure tours of this inspiring place include the rose colored stone city of Petra, Jordan to which the journey on foot or by camel brings visitors to the breathtaking architecture that makes everyone who encounters it want to know more about the people who constructed it. And who can forget Masada – that ancient high place that gave refuge within its ancient fortifications to people fleeing persecution?

And not to be missed is the journey to Dead Sea where floating on water takes on new meaning. The salt content is so dense and deep that swimmers cannot sink in its healing waters. For thousands of years, visitors have journeyed to bathe and seek refuge in this place.

You can experience Israel yourself by joining us for our adventure vacations to this holy land. Visit our catalog online to learn more about this destination and other adventure vacation packages available to give you the trip of a lifetime.

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