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Austin-Lehman Adventures Havasupai Falls

Take a week off from your daily life and plan a Grand Canyon vacation with Austin-Lehman Adventures to fully experience the thrill of active travel. Experience a vacation alongside where the American Indian tribe of Havasupai people made their home in the Grand Canyon. The majestic mountain range spreads over 18 miles with truly powerful and breathtaking views.

The beauty of this gigantic mass of geological wonder is awe- inspiring. Hike through the rugged and rocky paths alongside picturesque landscapes and meadows to reach the base camp at the Havasupai Falls. The sound of waterfalls while hiking keeps you captivated and inspired to reach the destination point. All your efforts will be well rewarded as you reach the camp where you can relax and play in the blue green waters of the lake. Spend the night camping under the stars and sleep in the calmness of nature and to sound of water.

Don’t forget to send a post card to your friends from the Havasupai Village – one of the oldest remote villages in America. Usually unknown to tourists, our guides take you to the thundering waterfalls, unpaved hiking trails and remote secluded places usually known only to locals. Explore the old mines in the canyon and hunt for fossils. Unwind and relax in the natural whirlpools created by mineral rich water falling from great heights making it a perfect natural spa surrounded by greenery and serenity. Other spectacular waterfalls created by Mother Nature are Mooney Falls and Navajo Falls.

Give us a call today to learn more about vacations to the Grand Canyon for singles, couples and families.

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