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Thank You For The Memories
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Thank You For The Memories

Kenai Fjords National Park, AK Family Vacation

Kenai Peninsula alaska adventure

We asked for your best travel memories and you responded!

Thanks to all who responded to our call for your best travel memories! We couldn’t be more pleased by your response.

Anyone who hits the road knows that traveling can lead to some of the most powerful experiences. The memories that come from adventures with family or friends (both new and old) tend to be the ones that remain clear for decades after the vacation is over. It’s those memories that fuel life-long nostalgia.

Reading through the memories you submitted was a humbling experience. These were moments where you felt most inspired. Where you felt most in love with a place or the person/people you were with. Or where you were pushed out of your comfort zone and came away a better person because of it.

We at Austin relate to these memories. In travel, we are all kindred spirits. We just wanted to take a few minutes to share some of the memories we received. We couldn’t add everyone’s memories, but know that we read all of them, and felt the bond of adventures lived across the miles.

“One of my favorite memories is the time spent on Fox Island in Alaska with Sheri and Greg.  It was early in the trip and everyone was still getting to know each other.  From skipping rocks and toasting marshmallows by the fire to our polar bear swim . . . it was a fun way to kick off the trip and get to know everyone.  –Caroline R.

“I finally got to marry my best friend, the man I’ve been with since I was 14 on September 23, 2017. Best day ever! We decided since we both love nature and the outdoors, we would go to Yellowstone for a little honeymoon. Every moment was breathtaking and amazing. We got to see so many majestic wild animals, be in the fall leaves, hike the beautiful trails, and watch some outstanding geysers go off. We got up every moment at 3:30am to travel to the best spots to watch the sunrise and look for wild life. Hearing the wolves howl as a pack while they hunted their breakfast was an experience I’ll never forget. We laughed, and just really enjoyed each moment we were having. We fell in love with Yellowstone and all its glory and plan on making it a yearly trip.”  –Amanda S.

“We were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary with Austin Adventures in Alaska- we loved waking up on Fox Island early (EARLY) and snuggled in the Adirondack chairs with fresh cup of coffee watching the sun come up!  Thank you Toby & Blair for giving us such a wonder trip and experience with Austin Adventures!”  –Nikki D.

“My fondest travel memory was from this past summer in Glacier National Park.  My boyfriend, Matt, and I were on the Austin Adventure trip and stayed at the beautiful Many Glacier Hotel, where the hotel rooms look out onto the gorgeous lake.  We were watching sunrise, taking pictures, and enjoying a beautiful start to the day.  Before heading back in to get ready for our hike for the day, Matt suggested we take a photo in front of the lake.  My camera was already on a tripod and he set the self-timer.  As he walked over to pose for the picture, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I said yes and now we are planning to get married next October!  The photo is something I will cherish forever as a reminder of our amazing engagement adventure.  We hope to make many more wonderful travel memories together as the years go on.”   –Laura P.

“One of my many fond memories is kayaking in Resurrection Bay, Alaska. We were visited by humpback whales who gave us quite a show, popping up, diving, flipping their flukes for us. It was magical. My friend Sarah was in a kayak with our guide Toby, and just when she exclaimed, “What could possibly be better!”, Toby reached around her with the iconic silver tray and said, “Fruit Kebab?” A classic Austin Adventures WOW moment. The whales were so active that our kayaking guide went back out by himself after we got back, saying he had never seen it like that.”  –Barbara M.


“Toby and Blair led the way in the San Juan Islands with our amazing group, including Ken “The Crusher” Lyons, Michelle McClure, Christy Hamill, the two New York Russian couples, Patti and the other wonderful people whose names I cannot recall. The entire trip was one heart-warming memory and new friend after another. I have stayed in touch with and traveled with some of these beautiful people since. I will always love the San Juans.” —Marie L.

“The Alaska trip with Greg and Sheri had so many memories, it’s too hard to pick just one. Right from the welcome telephone call to the circle reflecting on our trip, Greg and Sheri made each of us feel special. The first night at dinner they found out that it was our 40th anniversary. We returned to our to room to find champagne and some treats with a nice personal note. Each day got better and better. They showed us that the rain was not going to put a damper on our fun! I would have never even have thought that we would do the kayaking in the pouring rain and Sheri surprising us in the middle of the bay with a tray of fruit kabobs. Greg and Sheri made the trip full of great memories.”  –Valerie N.

“My favorite memory of our Yellowstone Trip was looking down on the Grand prismatic after a short hike up a “secret path” our guides knew about.  After the beautiful views, we got back on our bikes only to have our way blocked by a sleeping bison in our path. Sneaking around the bison Oman open field, a snake was discovered. Ike!”  –Elaine L.

“My favorite memory was staying up late and skipping stones off the shore of Fox Island in Alaska.  The midnight sun made midnight as bright as day and we all had a lot of laughs as we tried to get more and more skips.”  –Barry R.

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