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The 3 Most Out-Of-This-World Sounds You’ll Hear on African Safaris
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The 3 Most Out-Of-This-World Sounds You’ll Hear on African Safaris

botswana hippo

We always hear about the amazing photographic opportunities while on safari in Africa.  I often think if one focuses on just what one sees, they are truly missing out on all that Africa has to offer. What I am referring to is simply regardless where on safari you find yourself.. be sure to make a conscious effort at some point (or two) to just be still, be quite and listen. What you “hear” will amaze you!

On a recent 3 week expedition in Namibia, much of which was spent along the waters edge, from the Zambezi River to the Chobe River we worked our way across Northern Namibia. If you have ever camped along the “rivers edge” in Africa, then you know what I am talking about when I say that the Hippopotamus’s all night “action” has to leave your nerves just a bit unraveled. The Hippos bellow (Hippopotamus), in addition to the constant bellowing they splash around like kids at a water park. It’s when they get quite you start wondering what they are up to.




While the Hippo is probably the most common and the most vocal on the Africa scene,  if you are lucky enough to hear the nighttime amorous growls of anything in the cat family, you will instantly know exactly what they are up to. The big males are always showing off to convince some female to go out and fetch some dinner: (OK that is the PG version of what they are trying to convince them to do).



Listen to the cats: (Lion Roaring)

Lion Roaring

But this truly is just the beginning. The night air just comes alive once we “try” and retire. The hyena, baboons, jackals, cats, and the list goes on. But it is a symphony of wild and adventurous sounds not to be missed.







Camp Fire

Until next time, travel well, travel safe and THANK YOU!

Dan Austin

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