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The European Adventure is all in the Belgian Chocolate
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The European Adventure is all in the Belgian Chocolate


Off for a European Adventure holiday? Well, shhhh, don’t tell the Swiss but the Belgians have it. It’s official. Belgian chocolate is the best in the world. It’s the gourmet standard by which all other chocolate confections are measured. What makes Belgian chocolate so dreamy? It is the quality ingredients and a strict adherence to tried and tested manufacturing techniques.

Most Belgian chocolate is handmade in small shops using old techniques and even older equipment. Cold shells are made and then filled with wonderful confections such as nougats, creams and pralines. Small chocolate outlets are very popular with visitors just as wineries are in France and breweries are in Germany. Perhaps joining one of our cycling tours is a great way of working off all the calories.

Can anything come anywhere close after such an introduction? Well, European vacations tend to come up with the odd surprise every now and then so how about a city, Brussels, which celebrates a statue of a small boy urinating in public? The Mannekin Pis (and the name is for real) commemorates a little boy extinguishing an explosive fuse as only little boys could and thereby saving the city from certain destruction. Mmm….on high days and holidays, the little 61 cm tall (how small?) is dressed to thrill. It’s a matter of national pride to come up with new costumes, a bit like Google and their logo artwork changes, I suppose. Expect two or three costume changes weekly.

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