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 mosel - The Mosel: History, Riding, & Riesling

I believe that I have a German soul, not just because that is where 75% of my family heritage comes from, but because there is no other place on earth that I feel more myself! I love Germany. I love the people and the culture and the geography! This is a country of huge metropolitan cities, rolling country side hills, and a world renowned river, the Rhine.

Personally, I like the path less traveled for my adventures and the Mosel River, a tributary of the Rhine, provides the perfect back drop for fantastic Germany bike tours. The Mosel will guide you through quaint villages, historically significant artifact sites, and one of Germany’s 13 abundant wine growing regions!

This area is most well known for producing crisp Rieslings, a wine best known for its balance between fruit, floral, and mineral flavors. You can find a Riesling for almost any pallet; they range from sweet to dry to sparkling, and can be consumed at a young age, which provides clear taste delineations, or aged, around 10 years old the wine will have a very harmonious taste structure.

The next time you are looking for multifaceted biking tour, consider the Mosel Region in Germany! There is so much to offer, and there is hardly a better way to end an active day than by enjoying the scenery and local glass of wine.

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Mindy Teini

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