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The Narrows
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The Narrows

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This infamous hike in Zion National Park is no ordinary hiking vacation; the trail is actually the Virginia River, the same river that has carved this unique canyon. Pack your water shoes and dry bags as you embark into this narrow slot canyon, for one third of the hike the river extends canyon wall to canyon wall. The sheer vertical red walls stretch for the heavens as you traverse through the murky waters, your feet navigating you over the large, round basalt rocks.

Timing is everything in the Narrows. If the water is too high, or if the snowmelt or thunderstorms causes flash floods, the Narrows can be an extremely dangerous place, stranding you there for hours, or even days. This is very important to consider when you are planning your Southwest Utah Adventure and when finding a guide for this section of the park.

For those you choose to take on the Narrows, the rewards are sweet. The views are incredible, and the sense of achievement is unparalleled!

Happy Trekking,

Mindy Teini

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