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The Unforgettable Wonder of Galapagos Adventure Vacations
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The Unforgettable Wonder of Galapagos Adventure Vacations


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Visiting South America proves to be an adventure vacation like no other. Our adventures to Chile and Argentina give you a taste for the wonders of their wines, food, and culture. But just off the coast of Ecuador in northern South America, there is another location that no true adventurer will want to miss in their lifetime. The Galapagos Islands represent the epitome of every adventure seeker’s quest for thrilling and challenging environments rarely seen by tourists.

Water lovers will be absolutely fascinated in the bounty of activities just waiting to be explored. How about getting up close to fearless creatures like 150-year-old tortoises weighing 600 pounds? Did you know you can swim with penguins in the warm waters of Ecuador?

Galapagos Tortuga

Our adventure trips to the land of Galapagos offers travelers all the kayaking, snorkeling and swimming in richly colored reefs you could ever want. The amazing ecosystem of the area offers scenic views, a large variety of different wildlife species, geological rock formations and volcanic landscapes that are truly incredible.

After days adventuring on foot and in the sea, guests with a need for a little pampering will appreciate the luxury yacht that offers stunning accommodations, gourmet food and drinks and the ultimate in relaxation. Share the Galapagos adventure vacations with us by visiting our online catalog today to get started planning your trip of a lifetime.

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