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This is Why We Do What We Do

This is Why We Do What We Do


horseback riding in yellowstone national park


“We had vegetarians, teenagers, relatively fit folks and also some 10 year olds that had to go a little slower.  They accommodated everyone seamlessly and made everyone feel like royalty the entire trip.”

Message from Dan Austin:

Three decades ago, when I decided to enter the adventure-travel business full-time, I knew there would be ups and downs like any other enterprise. Luckily, the ups far exceed the downs, and I’ve been blessed to have been a part of too many life-changing adventures to count.

Because of that, we have a “Wall of Fame” here in the office where we post many of the heart-warming evaluations and personalized notes we get from our amazing (and loyal) travelers. These notes of appreciation and encouragement fuel the fires to do better every day.

When we get a letter like this, it puts a big, collective smile on our faces, and fills our sails for days—sometimes weeks. No monetary compensation compares to getting a note like this. This letter is why we do what we do.

We could not be prouder of our team, and had to share…  Read the full letter here.



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