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It’s Always Adventure Season
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It’s Always Adventure Season


octoberI hope it’s not a sign of aging, but it sure seems like I find myself wondering more and more often “where did the year go?” In the adventure travel business we really mark the seasons by what “phase” of the year we are in. Summer finds us busy putting all the pieces of the puzzle together for the next year’s season (in this case 2015). Fall finds us in catalog, promotion and sales mode. We spend the winter working on trip development, and come spring, we’re training our guides and preparing for the summer season.

It seems like it was just last week when I was out in the field working on new programs in Peru and Arizona (honestly it was February and March). It seems like it was just yesterday when the guides were all here for spring training (the truth is they were here in June).

EvaluationsNow that summer is over, the evaluations are starting to flow into the office. Unopened, each one lands on my desk. There is something magical about opening up a sealed envelope. As I unfold the evaluations, I’m often overwhelmed by the outpouring of appreciation and admiration penned by people I’ve never met. If I get caught up in the busy workday and find myself needing a break from answering emails and reading reports, I simply read a few evaluations. With each word, my spirits are lifted and I’m reminded that all the effort we put into our work and our trips is totally worth it.

As I was writing this I actually grabbed an evaluation off the stack on my desk. The first line I read was this: “Amazing trip put on by amazing people.” That pretty much sums it up. Those thoughtful words recharge my batteries before they’re passed on to the rest of the Austin Adventures staff who are similarly affected. Feedback is definitely something that keeps us striving for perfection.

Family Adventure VacationsOne of my favorite things about the season we’re in now is that everything seems to be happening all at once. Yes, we are planning for next year, but we are also focused on the present – i.e. making sure each and every guest has the best experience possible. We are also still selling this season’s trips. Honestly, we love getting those last minute calls! We’re pros at calming down the panicked mom asking about a trip departing in a few short weeks.(In other words, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask us about our popular Yellowstone Winter Tours.)

Whether it’s booking a list minute trip or creating a family’s first custom adventure, we welcome challenges and are no strangers to pulling out all the stops in order to accommodate our guests.

Do we bat 1,000? Probably not, but a solid 800 isn’t a bad batting average. It is often the most trying bookings that turn out to be the most rewarding for all. Guests included – everyone wins.

That said, as you are thinking through your travel plans or reviewing what’s on your bucket list, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and pick our brains. Whether you’re dreaming of a Costa Rica vacation package that your entire family can agree on, a European holiday for you and your spouse, or a solo travel vacation for yourself, your precious vacation time deserves to be maximized. Give us a call and put our talents to the test. We would love to work our magic and get you and yours on the adventure of a lifetime!

It’s an exciting business, one truly comprised of endless adventure. Won’t you join us?

Here are two easy ways to get started:

Request our new 2015 catalogs or flip through digital copies here!
– Check out our Holiday Adventure Vacations – there is still time to book a December trip.

Write, call, email and even chat with Austin Adventures. Here’s how

– Dan



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