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Top Ten Desserts & Chocolates
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Top Ten Desserts & Chocolates


Carol’s favorite sweets… how do you only choose ten??

desserts1. Chico Hot Springs, Pray, Montana: Kasey loves their flaming orange, I love everything else on their dessert cart.

2. State Game Lodge, Custer, South Dakota: The Sunday brunch has an awesome dessert buffet!

3. Bruges, Belgium: The Chocoholic Store… words can’t describe.

4. Encinitas and St. Helena, California: Pannikin, Encinitas, best pie ever; Tra Vigne, St. Helena, cheesecake with raspberries.

desserts5. La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa, Cotacachi, Ecuador: By far the most interesting presentation.

6. France: Any dessert in France, but especially the chocolate croissants.

7. Havasupai Base Camp, Arizona: Fresh baked dutch oven crumble, served camp-side.

8. The Metropolitan Grill, Seattle, Washington:Chocolate molton cake. Yum!

9. Costa Rica: Anywhere you can find fresh strawberries.

10. AA trips: Any signature AA guide treat — parfaits, fresh fruit, frozen Capri Suns, and the best pretzel and peanut butter baked snack in the world

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