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Top Ten Guides

Top Ten Guides

By: Austin Adventures January 25, 2019
Bryce Canyon

We would be no where with out our guides. It’s hard to just choose ten, but here goes…

1. Costa Rica: Marcos Fallas – big smile, great personality, most passionate person about Costa Rica on the planet.

2. U.S.: “Team B&T, aka Toby & Blair Grapner – #1 priority is to please AA’s guests. One doesn’t guide without the other so they come as a pair. Toby is cool, calm, and collected – the ultimate “cool” guide for creating and keeping friendships throughout the years. Blair knows how to get things done and knows a million facts about each place AA visits – a wealth of regional knowledge!

3. South Africa: Doug Thomson – Warm, genuine, and EXCITED to show you all that South Africa has to offer!

4. Peru: Pepe Lopez – a true Peruvian who’s been in the business for years. Knows all the ins and outs of guiding and has great connections to other wherever he travels.

5. Europe: The one and only Ron van Dijk – no one knows more about Europe than Ron. He grew up in the adventure travel business and has never taken a day off. He knows every hotel, every person, every language, and every fact about every city we visit in Europe!

6. U.S.: Bryan Codi – a newer guide for Austin Adventures, but doesn’t change his passion for the company and his vision for his tours. Instantly likeable to all of those who know him and a great representative of the company.

7. Costa Rica: Jimmy Tosso – Can connect with any guest and loves his job. Guests love Jimmy.

8. Europe: Kavya Bisz – Has been guiding for 20+ years with AA. Kavya knows how to tune a bike to perfection within seconds and is very versatile with her guiding – she’ll go anywhere!

9. U.S.: Nikki & Eric Keely – Another pair that has been working with AA for a long time. Nikki is a wealth of regional knowledge and connects amazingly well with the adults of a group, while her husband Eric can entertain kids all day with his spot-on imitations and guitar playing.

10. Europe: Desiree Jansen – Another guide who has been with AA for over 20 years and is loved by guests near and far.

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