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Top Ten of 2018
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Top Ten of 2018


It’s been a full year of bests, and it wasn’t easy narrowing them down! For our adventure-loving traveling companions, here’s our top 10 of 2018:

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1. Top-Selling Adult Adventure: Canadian Rockies
From Banff to Jasper, the Canadian Rockies takes our breath away every time. Featuring the exclusive Baker Creek Chalets, bike rides weaving through mountains and around turquoise lakes, and the wild experience of hiking across Athabasca Glacier. Check out our Alberta: Banff to Jasper Adventure here!

2. Top-Selling Family Adventure: Yellowstone National Park
From the steam rising high in the air as Old Faithful erupts to the depths of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, this national park is a playground for travelers and adventurers. It’s truly a unique experience to be able to stand on top of the world’s largest super volcano. We have a handful of adventure packages featuring Yellowstone, including our top-selling family friendly Yellowstone National Park Adventure!

3. Most Popular New Trip: Purcell Mountains Hike
Our new favorite 2019 adventure features a backcountry luxury lodge, snugly seated in a high alpine meadow. How do you get there? By helicopter, of course. Escape into the remote landscape with a perfect balance of luxury and adventure, with divine cuisine and endless British Columbia wilderness to explore.

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4. Favorite Hotel: Chico Hot Springs
Located just 30 miles north of Yellowstone National Park, Chico is still considered as a favorite amenity of the park. We’re very proud to call them our partner, as we’re the only tour operator allowed to stay there!

5. Most Read Blog: 10 Fun Facts About National Parks
This fun blog is an oldie, but a goodie with lots of interesting facts about our beloved national parks! Be sure to give it a read here.

6. Best WOW: Andy’s Yellowstone Crème Brulee
Andy Austin hiked with a blow torch all the way to the edge of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon to surprise the guests with a perfectly crispy-glazed Crème Brulee and it turned out to be a huge hit!! (see recipe).

7. Most Inspirational Moment: Ken Lyons went from Guest to Guide
Over the week of the Fourth of July, one of our trips desperately needed another guide and none of ours were available. One of our loyal alumni, Ken Lyons, stepped in last minute, volunteered to guide, and saved the day. The trip went smoothly and everyone had a blast! Thanks Ken!!

8. Best Birthday on the Trail: The Meehan Family
It was Kasey Austin’s pleasure to be a guide for an exclusive Yellowstone trip for the Meehans in June. This family of 18 was the face of multigenerational travel, with ages ranging from 5 to 70! They actually celebrated John Meehan’s 70th birthday on the trip!

9. Dan’s Favorite Trip of 2018: Life is Good Costa Rica
This was our first Costa Rica adventure with Life is Good— with many more to come! When Dan Austin, the owner, got back from this amazing adventure, he talked about it for a week straight! From the diversity of the small group as they developed friendships over the week, to the endless positivity throughout the whole trip, it was a life-changing experience!


10. #1 Trend for 2019: Multi-Gen and Skip-Gen Trips
Multi-Gen (multigenerational) travel involves two, three, even four generations of families coming together for a trip. The Meehans are a perfect example! Skip-Gen (skipping a generation) travel is where grandparents and grandchildren come together for an adventure without the parents. This trend in travel has had a positive impact on families, not to mention making memories that last through generations.

THANK YOU for filling our year with so many great memories! 2019 is bound to be a year with more adventure for us all!

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