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1. Fewer Crowds. Not only does Yellowstone take on a whole new look in the winter, there are less people there to see it, meaning more space for you to enjoy.

2. You get to ride in a snowcoach. No doubt the frigid temperatures scare some people away from taking a Yellowstone winter vacation. However, nothing beats enjoying this unique perspective of the park from a heated, comfortable snowcoach. The first snowcoach was patented in 1939 by J. Armand Bombardier (hence the Bombardier Snowbus), and was first brought to Yellowstone in 1955. While the snowcoach has been much updated, you can still see a few of the original 1955 fleet cruising around. In fact, you may even have the chance to ride in one!

3. Frosted bison. That’s right, frosted bison. The Yellowstone Bison are famous, and seeing them hanging out around the thermal pools, covered in a dusting of snow, is pretty darn cool, and an incredible opportunity for the professional and casual photographer alike.

4. Bald Eagles are WAY easier to see in the winter. Bald Eagles are probably the most incredible birds we have in this country (I know that’s a statement several people might debate), and seeing them in person (or bird) is a unique and unforgettable experience.

5. Snow Shoeing the terrace loop at Mammoth Hot Springs. Take in the white, orange, and yellow limestone travertine formations, constantly changing over time, on the first day of your Yellowstone Winter trip. It will set the tone for five days of adventure and exploration in Yellowstone’s winter wonderland!

6. Cross Country Skiing around the Old Faithful boardwalks. Marvel as Old Faithful, surrounded by a blanket of snow, erupts, and glide past its fellow neighbors, as you cross country ski in the Upper Geyser Basin.

7. Hot Chocolate by the fire at Old Faithful Snow Lodge. After an exciting day of cross country skiing, relax, out your feet up, and get warm with a delicious cup of hot chocolate by the inviting fireplace in the lobby of the Old Faithful Snow Lodge.

8. Geysers are steamier in the winter. Steamy geysers attract a lot of wildlife, who use the heat to keep warm in the winter. Keep an eye out for bison, elk, coyote and foxes around these natural hot (really hot) springs.

9. Dogsledding. Experience the exquisiteness of the Paradise Valley as you glide on a sled pulled by eight friendly huskies. Who wouldn’t want to do that??

10. Chico Hot Springs in the winter. There’s no better way to end your trip than a night at Chico Hot Springs. Relax in the naturally heated waters of the hot springs, and follow up your soak by indulging in one of the best dinners in Montana at the Chico Dining Room.

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