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Top Ten Rivers
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Top Ten Rivers

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Kasey’s picks of incredible rivers around the world.

1. France: Dordogne River – the upper valley of the Dordogne is a series of deep gorges. The river eventually widens displaying fertile farmland, open pastures, and colorful orchards.

rivers2. Tetons: Snake River – largest tributary of the Columbia River, which in turn is the largest North American river that empties into the Pacific Ocean. A great river for both whitewater rafting and nice, smooth floats.

3. Yosemite: Merced – most well-known for its swift and steep course through Yosemite National Park and world-famous Yosemite Valley.

4. Costa Rica: Osa Peninsula – Sierpe River – characterized by some of Costa Rica’s largest mangrove forests which are home to many birds, reptiles, and mammals.

5. Germany: Mosel River – a wide, gently flowing river that makes its way through steep valleys covered in vineyards. Picturesque.

6. France: Loire River – the longest river in France. The central part of the Loire Valley was added to the World Heritage Sites list of UNESCO in 2000. The banks hold vineyards and chateaux.

7. Oregon: Rogue River – known for its salmon runs, whitewater rafting, and rugged scenery. This was one of the original 8 rivers named in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968.

8. Yellowstone: Boiling River – technically the Boiling River is a hot spring that runs into the Gardner River near the North entrance of Yellowstone. A perfect place to sit and relax the afternoon away with beautiful views of Mount Everts and the surrounding scenery.

rivers9. Zion National Park: Virgin River – designated Utah’s first wild and scenic river in 2009. We literally hike “through” this river in the Narrows in Zion National Park.

10. Peru: Amazon River – second longest river in the world and by far the largest. Accounts for approximately 1/5th of the world’s total river flow.

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