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Top Three Favorite Adventure Activities When Visiting Yellowstone Park
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Top Three Favorite Adventure Activities When Visiting Yellowstone Park

horseback riding in yellowstone national park

Yellowstone Park is one of those destinations that every family must visit at least once in their lifetime. Imagine a big blue sky, soaring mountain peaks and acres of lush backcountry seemingly untouched by the outside world. Then multiple that by at least 5, and you begin to understand the enormity and magnificence of this stunning national park.

With so many activities and sights to see, it can be a challenge to get everything in, but our Yellowstone tours offer all the enough excitement and fun to deliver a full and exceptional family adventure that won’t ever be forgotten. Here are the top 3 adventure activities every family will enjoy while on an Austin Adventures tour of the park.


Spring vacations in Yellowstone offer guests such a natural setting for hiking that they might not ever want to stop. The fresh air and exercise as families venture out on the trail is only the tip of the iceberg. Hiking as a family really brings everyone together in such an awe inspiring and peaceful place.

Whitewater Rafting

No experience is needed to participate in this cool (and wet) river rafting experience. The Yellowstone River is the longest free flowing river of its kind in the U.S. (lower 48 states) with inspiring scenic views.

Horseback Rides

A gentle walking horseback ride takes everyone up Pine Creek as they venture on their four legged friends into the Mountains of Absaroka. The incredible views of the mountain top lookouts as the family ventures out with 4th generation Montana cowboys will create long lasting memories sure to be spoken of for years to come.


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