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Tour Tuscany by Bike and Don’t Forget the Italian Ice Cream
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Tour Tuscany by Bike and Don’t Forget the Italian Ice Cream


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Tuscany is the land of Prime Ministers, rock stars and folks on a cycling tour with the latter being the best way of savoring this delightful part of Italy. The landscape of gently rolling hills, terracotta colors and pencil-thin Cypress trees looking as though they are drawing wispy white clouds in the sky is what postcards back home are made of.

Florence is a must for anybody on a European vacation. It is a tourist dream with prices to match so get off the tourist trail to really sample what the city is like. Find the time to savor the experience that is the Italian Florence of narrow streets and local cafes. Getting back onto the tourist trail reminds travelers that the seat of the Renaissance makes cities such as Siena and Florence places to be gently marveled at and not completely seen in a day. It is very pretty and the single best thing to do is to get up high above the rooftops. Try the Duomo Dome. Take the tour up, and get outside to look across the cityscape of gently rolling rooftops with terracotta colors that look as though its inspiration was taken from very landscape the city springs from.

As the home of European culture from the Renaissance to the modern day, never visit Tuscany without sampling at least two scoops of Italian ice cream a day. Handmade and in flavors that sound much like a guided tour of a fruit shop, seeking out a daily dose is the highlight of any adventure trip.

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