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Honestly, it’s hard to beat good old-fashioned GORP (good ol’ raisins and peanuts)trail mix

But, we have found some really great ideas for making your own to fit that perfect balance between diet and delicacy. Take this amazingly helpful graphic from, literally a guide for mixing and matching!

Ok, sure, it seems easy enough, but for those of you who just want the nuts and bolts of a great mix, here’s the skinny…

Just add chocolate

Look, you’re already on a hike. You just gave yourself all the justification you need to lean heavily towards the delight-side of an energy inducing blissful snack, so just indulge.

Here’s a fresh new take on an age old idea…

(oh, and we’ll simplify it)

1.Make your mix of nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and grains. We’ll wait…

2.Melt chocolate. In a cup. In the microwave. (don’t boil or burn, just good and soft)

3.Drop chocolate onto wax paper. Hopefully its soft enough to flatten.

4.Dump your mix over the chocolate, pressing into the chocolate.

5.Let dry.

6.Eat some.

7.Pack the rest in your backpack.

train mix chocolate











(see original recipe posted here, thanks


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