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The Power of Travel for Couples | Celebrating Americas National Park
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The Power of Travel for Couples | Celebrating Americas National Park

Hiker on the Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Glacier National Park

Adventure travel can be healing, life-affirming, and grounding. Full of fun and leisure, spontaneity and curiosity, adventure travelling for couples can also be a powerful way to reconnect, reaffirm and rekindle the spark. Looking out at a gorgeous vista, being fully present where we are, all our senses engaged and open to a keen sense of wonder, adventure travel has a unique way of reminding us just how much we love the person standing next to us. Travel serves as the ultimate shared experience. Discovery, exploration, and curiosity – together.

The U.S. Travel Association launched an extensive research study into the benefits–if any–that travel has on romantic couples. And it turns out that traveling as a couple has many positive benefits!

In fact, the evidence that travel impacts relationships is overwhelming and positive. Survey after survey shows that couples who travel together are substantially happier in their relationships than couples who don’t. A surprising 94% of respondents who travel as a couple regularly reported that they feel very close to one another. The extreme majority of couples who made time to travel regularly together reported being more connected and fulfilled in their relationships over the long-term, with 79% reporting that sharing new experiences regularly via travel made a positive impact on their relationship. Travel—for these couples–served as the perfect backdrop to talk, reconnect and spend quality time together.

Travel among couples also has a positive effect on romance and intimacy in the relationship, and many couples find travel itself as a way to improve the ‘spark’ or romance, more effective than gift giving, regardless of how big or expensive the gift may be. It was the new experiences together, the heightened senses and the feeling of being present that had the most powerful impact. And while a trip to Europe may be wonderful, a weekend getaway works wonders all the same when it comes to using travel to boost your relationship.

Both new and long-term relationships benefit from the positive effects of travel. By enabling couples to do and try new things together, travel helps couples build their budding relationship, giving them a chance to bond and get away from the day-to-day. And couples looking to maintain their commitment also find benefit in travel. By getting out, experiencing the world and having a chance to relax, they find the much needed time to reconnect and slow down with each other, taking a break and taking stock, to reconnect and sync back up.

The vast majority of couples reported that sharing new experiences regularly via travel made a positive impact on their relationship. Vowing to see the world together—or just a corner of it—forms a common goal and a sense of purpose between partners, and the anticipation of arriving at a destination adds shared excitement and enthusiasm. Experiencing something new together fosters a sense of camaraderie and a unique experience between them that creates memories to reminisce about later on. Perhaps the power of travel between couples lies in its lasting appeal and benefit. Not only is it fun to anticipate and plan a vacation for two, it’s also fun and engaging when you arrive at the destination, and of course, gives plenty of fond memories to reminisce about in the future. A great thing all the way around.

California – Death Valley National Park

death valley

Death Valley is the largest “Dark Sky Park” in America, according to the (IDSP) International Dark Sky Parks Association. Dedicated to protecting exceptional nocturnal environments for their scientific, natural, and educational value as well as their cultural heritage – including the sheer public enjoyment of stargazing, the IDSP has also given California’s Death Valley the “Gold Tier,” its highest rank awarded. That’s because Death Valley National Park has some of the most powerful stargazing areas in the country. This phenomenon–along with it’s treasure trove of daytime activities–has made California’s Death Valley one of the most romantic national park destinations for couples travelling. Enjoy a day of hiking, rafting and biking, followed by a peaceful evening under the stars!
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Arizona – Grand Canyon

adventure travel

As one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon is breathtaking and has a way of bringing a rush of adrenaline by merely witnessing its grandeur first-hand. So it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most popular national park destinations for travelling to couples. Effortlessly warm in the evenings, and glowing with rich, natural earth tones, Grand Canyon National Park blends together a wonderful combination of multi-sport possibilities and romantic allure for adventure travelers who want both.

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