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Tremendously Awesome Yellowstone Trip

Tremendously Awesome Yellowstone Trip

An Ode to Yellowstone:

I signed the check
Not knowing what to expect
I wanted to explore
Someplace I have never been before

Yellowstone was the chosen destination
The backyard of the nation
Taken around in a van
With a new found traveling clan

Bryan and Corey were our guides
A bromance just ever so disguised
They picked us up at our hotels
Knowing everything would turn out swell

Happy they were we were all grown up
And didn’t have to deal with little pups
From all kinds of different places
Came all these brand new faces

Alan and Karen and Rita and Gene
Sara their sister made quite the team
The dynamic duo of Lynda and Nicole
Joined by Allison traveling solo

Jean and Stan two parts of a trio
With Nancy, Bryan’s mama mio

The guides shared their love of this land
To which we gave them a great big hand
Treats would appear at the end of a trail
Usually followed by some tall tale

Mud pots and hot spots dotted the terrain
We all wanted to touch but did refrain
Waking on a living caldera was beyond description
All in the group practiced good diction

Eyes closed we marched to the canyon
Where the powers of nature used every crayon
A surprise was waiting around every corner
Bryan and Corey made sure there was never a mourner

We all don’t believe the week has ended
A group of thirteen all befriended
We all just let the magic happen
Keeping our seat belts fastened

Another trip should be in the offing
Another week out there exploring
New lands and experiences to be had
For these new friends we are very glad

-Written by the guests on our August 25th-30th Yellowstone Tour, and shared by guest Allison H.

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