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Ultimate Cycling in Greece

Greece’s rich cultural heritage and out of the world islands welcome you on a great European vacation. Take one of our cycling tours through a maze of narrow whitewashed streets of Mykonos and admire the iconic windmills as old as the 16th century.

Explore the birthplace of Apollo, god of light, as you wander through the sacred island of Delos and marvel at the archeological wonders dating back to the third millennium B.C.E. Unspoiled and secluded beaches, caves and islets at Antiparos, heart of the Cyclades Island, are waiting to be explored. Take a traditional fishing boat and navigate through these blue green crystal clear waters and enjoy a refreshing swim in it. Afterward you can relax at the golden sand beach enjoying a refreshing picnic lunch.

While at Cyclades Island, visit the Enetic castle and beautiful churches. The real beauty of the place lies in its calm and scenic landscapes. Try your hand at diving and go kayaking through the backcountry waters. European vacations offer a great deal to do and see. You will also want to visit the remote village Koronos and hike to various caves that lead to many mountain ranges. There is windsurfing with professional help and evening can be spent camping under the stars. Don’t forget to try the local liquor of Kitro made up of citrus leaves.

Journey to the Greek Isles on an ultimate trip with us, and stop by our online vacation catalog to learn more about our exciting European destinations.

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