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The Ultimate Road Trip!
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The Ultimate Road Trip!


Several years ago, my friends and I were on a quest to discover a new land for us to have the ultimate adventure vacation! It’s easy to imagine why we looked westward, after years of flatland life in Ohio. We all wished to indulge in a two-week, nature based journey to celebrate the thoughts of another summer and the freedom college would soon bring. So what better way to have the time of our lives than travel through our nation’s first National Park; on our own Yellowstone vacation. Beyond the mischief and mishaps that tend to happen on trips of this sort, we were all blown away from our surroundings! Wildflowers that ran until they ran over the hillsides. Mountains reaching heights that were unheard of, and obviously the countless geysers!
That trip will always be kept close to my heart for a number of reasons, one being the way that it has made me go on an endless search of beautiful, wild, places both here and abroad! In the years that have passed since, we all have talked about once again returning to the magical land of mountains, hot springs, and wildlife for another Yellowstone National Park Vacation! Also during those years I have spent much of my time in outdoor pursuits both for personal betterment and guiding. That is why after being granted the wonderful opportunity to join the Austin-Lehman team this year I could barely hold back when I found out I would in fact be working in the inspiring Yellowstone National Park while guiding their Montana Family Vacations! I look forward to sharing the experience of this beautiful place and many others this summer with everyone!
Patrick McGarry


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