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United States (USA) Hiking Vacations With Austin-Lehman
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United States (USA) Hiking Vacations With Austin-Lehman

Yosemite Valley tunnel view

The summer season is upon us, and what better way to pass the time then to embark on a trek though the wonderland provided by beautiful Mother Nature. While you could venture out to hike Patagonia in Chile, or retrace the ancient path of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you don’t even have to venture out of the United States to experience breathtaking beauty. The United States is a hiker’s playground from the sheer massive beauty of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, to the ancient forests of Sequoias at Yosemite National Park in California, or even travel back in time to the great Wild West to the Black Hills of South Dakota. For your summer travels why not take an adventure vacation in your own back yard and experience the awe inspiring sights that United States has to offer.

Journey to the Rocky Mountain Range in MontanaDawn over Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming - 300 dpi-1

To explore the world of hiking, one must venture out to the Rocky Mountains of Montana. The beautiful state of Montana is a perfect representation of untamed, natural beauty, and is simply stunning in its vast mountain ranges. Experience wildlife from grizzlies and wolves to bison and bears. Explore nature from their point of view and experience the geological wonders that bring amazing life and color to its National Parks. Experience unique adventures from roping and saddling a horse, to watching good Old Faithful erupt on cue. Hike with the family, roast s’mores, and retell old campfire stories that you grew up on. Explore Yellowstone’s countless geothermal features including Fountain Paint Pots and the Morning Glory Pool, and take a dip in the Boling River.

Visit Zion National Park in UtahIMG_0044

If the Wild West is not quite your style, maybe you would like to explore Zion National Park in Utah. Ranked one of America’s best adventures by National Geographic, these views will take your breath away as you hike past waterfalls, natural springs and hanging gardens. Zion has one of the most diverse groupings of plants in Utah, with over 900 species for you to experience. You can soak up the colorful hues of red, orange and amber during the daylight hours, and at night be surprised by the amazing clarity in the night sky. Kick back and relax as you enjoy the bright star formations in the skies, as you have probably never observed them before.

Visiting The Grand Canyon in ArizonaGrand_Canyon_010

Looking for a hiking location with a little piece of paradise awaiting you at the finish line? Havasupai is a hidden gem amongst the vast ranges of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Accessible only by foot this is a beautiful place to explore and bask in the natural rich pools at the base of a thundering 100-ft falls. After a fairly difficult hike to the falls you will feel like you are imagining this oasis as its beauty in the arid space of Arizona doesn’t seem fit for such crystal clear waters. This Grand Canyon Vacation is also equipped with a visit to an old galena mine, hunt for fossils, a visit to a natural mineral rich whirl pool, and a stunning trek en route to Beaver falls.

 Mooney Falls
Trekking Wyoming’s Yellowstone and Teton National ParksBear swimming in Jackson Lake RS 2008

You cannot possibly discuss the amazing hiking in the United States without mentioning Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. Yellowstone was declared the world’s first national park in 1872, proving that even then, people realized this beautiful gem needed to be preserved. Take in the neon blue, 300-foot wide Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest of hot springs in the entire U.S. and the third largest in the world. You can also experience an adventure packed whitewater-rafting excursion down the scenic Snake Water Canyon. From hiking, to biking, to kayaking, rafting, and rodeos, Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park Vacation and Teton National Park are fantastic locations to explore some of nature’s finest views of the great outdoors.

5 Great Items to Pack

1. Decent sunglasses. While you are hiking along breathtaking sights such as the Grand Canyon or waiting for Old Faithful to erupt you don’t want to have to be squinting to view the spectacular sites. Sunglasses with a small case will be an excellent asset at your disposal while trekking in the great
2. A rain jacket is always a good idea. A light coat can always fit over a sweatshirt and can come in handy from a drizzly day to a surprise downpour. Best-case scenario you never even need to take it out of your bag and it just comes along for the ride. It can even come in handy at night by the campfire
if there is a slight breeze.
3. Lightweight and breathable clothing are always a good idea when planning for a hike. Materials made to dry quickly can keep you cool while it’s hot, and keep you warm once the sun goes down. This can also help in case you want to rinse some clothes off; they will be sure to by dry in the morning.
4. Comfortable shorts or pants, while none of the hiking is too intense you will want to be sure to pack comfortable clothing. No one likes the idea of chaffing but it happens now and again and it’s best to try out your hiking clothes before the big hike, just to make sure that you are at optimum
5. Comfort can also involve your shoes. Whether you are going for a two-hour hike, or a two month trek, your comfort in your shoes will be apparent from the get go. Get a good fitting pair and try them out on a day hike to make sure that they will be comfy for your entire trip. These things are always better to figure out before you go on vacation.

day hikers in utah's bryce canyon national park - 97 - 72 ppi

There is no better time than now to explore the wonders of the world located in our own National Parks. Take your family to see how beautiful and diverse this country is, and how many different adventures are just waiting to be experienced. The possibilities are endless from the Rocky Mountains of Montana and Wyoming to the red rocks of Utah, New Mexico and Arizona in the Southwest to the Coastal breezes of Alaska, California and Washington. Contact Austin Lehman Adventures as your trusted Adventure Travel Company to book a hiking tour for your next vacation.

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