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Village hop along Germany’s fabled Romantic Road
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Village hop along Germany’s fabled Romantic Road

Travel the Romantic Roads of Germany

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The Romantic Road of Germany was a route created in 1950, as a desperate attempt for Germany to rebuild their tourism. Original visitors were mainly families and friends of the American Soldiers who were based in Southern Germany. This route, although a newer innovation, passes neatly through historical and medieval towns and points of interests, which has raised foreign interest and touristic appeal for over 62 years now. The trail from Würzburg to Füssen is a must experience activity during your Europe Adventure Vacation. What better way to explore this trek through time then upon two wheels, enjoying a relaxing ride through history as you breath in the fresh air and soak up the stories of time.

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Your Europe Bike Trip with Austin Lehman through the Romantic Road will begin in Nördlingen. This is the only remaining walled medieval town in Germany. Less crowded then the other two major towns makes Nördlingen an appealing place to visit. The interest around this city only begins with the fact that it is built in the crater of a meteorite with a tower created of the rock that originally formed the massive crater. Here you can also explore crooked streets, a 14th century wall, and retreat at the end of the day to your beautiful hotel with modern accommodations. Linked to the historic wing of the monastery church, the NH Klöesterle Nördlingen is located in the center of the old town on the Romantic Road and is the perfect location for a peaceful slumber.

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The next location on your adventure vacation itinerary will include a saunter through Dinkelsbühl, and a nice relaxing ride through pastures and fields of sunflowers to the town of Rothenburg. Activities also include watching a falcon flight show at the Schillingfüsrst Castle, and a nice lunch at the quaint cafe in front. When you arrive in Rothenburg you will be in awe of the vibrant cliff-side gardens, amazing art, and fascinating museums. Stroll through the city during your night tour to learn a bit more about the town, and retreat at the end of the evening to Hotel Markusturm. A historical customs house back in 1264, Hotel Markusturm is an enchanting location in a medieval town. Eight centuries later, it has been transformed into a hotel for visitors from all over the world.

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After leaving the large town of Rotherburg you will then visit another one of the largest towns at Bad Mergentheim. With its’ days dated back to the Roman era, this spa resort town is a must see marvel when riding the Romantic Roads.  From stories of nights and rebellion to relaxing in 5-star resorts, you have never felt as good as you will in Bad Mergentheim. Next in the town of Wertheim you will pedal beneath a thick forest canopy along the meandering path of the Tauber River. This medieval village captures the Viking spirit with its’ glassworks, Franconian wine, and history of castles and fortresses.

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Your Austin Lehman Adventure will finish off your Europe Bike Trip in the town of Frankfurt. This is the main metropolis and financial and trade city with some hustle and bustle to get your gears going after your peaceful and relaxing vacation. Bask in the vastness of the skyscrapers, and find refuge in a local pub. Explore the history of the city and visit the Kaiserdom. You may even want to hang out a couple days after your tour to try some brauts and brews at Octoberfest! A perfect finish to a perfect adventure vacation with Austin Lehman Adventures.

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