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What is Summer Without Adventure Travel to the Loire Valley of France?
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What is Summer Without Adventure Travel to the Loire Valley of France?

Loire Valley, France


France is a wonderful place to plan your European vacation around, and there is nowhere more French than Loire Valley. With its wonderful scenery, great cuisine, some of the best wines in the world and of course, almost three chateaus for every day of the year you are bound to have the adventure vacation you are looking for.

On top of these essentially French ingredients, there are plenty of options for those looking for a more outdoors adventure vacation. The area is perfect for cycling tours as the River Loire creates a wonderfully gentle route for biking as it meanders its way through the valley. It also provides plenty of opportunities for swimming, catching the sun on lovely sandy riverside beaches and canoeing. Canoeing novices need never fear. It’s not exactly white water rafting. Remember that you’re in France in summer, and at this time of year everything is gentle, even the River Loire.

The gentle pace of the river also gives rise to another opportunity. Sandy islands form in the middle of the river and in some places during high summer it reaches temperatures of 120°F. This warm environment creates a brilliant display of tropical plants and rich bird life.

Adventure trips to Europe are not complete without a good portion of local history, and rest assured, the Loire region does not disappoint. Renaissance chateaus that were summer lodges for Kings and Queens such as Charles VII and Anne of Brittany make wonderful photo opportunities. Learn more about our vacation adventures by visiting us online or calling our 24 hour support line at (800) 575-1540.

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