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What’s so good about cycling in Mosel Valley, Germany?
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What’s so good about cycling in Mosel Valley, Germany?

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The sparkling waters of the Mosel are the perfect background for cycling tours through Germany’s most abundant wine growing region. You don’t need to be a wine lover to enjoy this European vacation. On the contrary: it is also the perfect environment for family adventure vacations. Why’s that? The gentle riverside bike paths are flat, easy & safe. Flat because the path stays down in the valley. Easy because all you need to do is follow the path along the river as you pass one village after the next. Safe because the paths keep you separated from motorized vehicles. Should you want to test your legs and stamina: the river will always be flanked on each side by steep vineyard covered hills and all you need to do is simply leave the river in search for more challenging rides.
The most beautiful stretch of river can be found between the towns of Trier and Koblenz. Make sure you cycle from Trier to Koblenz, and not the other way around. The reasons are two-fold: you’ll be going down the river, and it is likely that the prevailing winds will be in your back. What more can you ask for?
Trier is situated near the Luxembourg border, it is the oldest city in Germany (founded in 16 BC by the Roman Emperor Augustus), and became the official Roman capital of the western territories, which included Gaul (France), Spain, Germania, and Britain. Be sure to visit the Roman remains in town, most notably the Porta Nigra (the old town gate), the Kaiserthermen (Imperial baths) and the amphitheater which could seat 20,000 spectators. There’s plenty of other things to see in town (the old town center, the Romanesque cathedral, the Rhineland Museum with its Roman antiquities, the Karl Marx House/Museum where the socialist theoretician was born). My recommendation therefore is: spend a day in Trier before you head out on your bike.
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Four days of leisurely cycling will lead you from one wine village to another, along ruined castles and some castles that are still in perfect shape. Burg Eltz, as well as the castle in Cochem, are highlights not to be missed.
Bernkastel-Kues, Zell, Piesport, Trittenheim, Krv are some of the names which will sound familiar to those who occasionally (or often!) drink German wines. The wine from each village has its own character. The Mosel region used to specialize primarily in sweet wines (Spätlese, Auslese), but in recent years the wine growers have adapted their vinification methods to also allow for the production of dry wines. This region makes for excellent wine tasting tours and the predominant grape is the Riesling. Whose wonderful fruitiness makes it a very pleasant and easy companion for your cycling tour.
Once you reach the town of Koblenz at the confluence of the Mosel and the Rhine rivers, you will have reached your destination. From here, speedy trains can take you anywhere in Germany. To find out more information on Germany bike tours visit our Mosel Valley trip page.

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