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Whimsical Wonders of Hiking in Yellowstone Park
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Whimsical Wonders of Hiking in Yellowstone Park

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Yellowstone National Park may be the closest most people ever get to another planet! Its a place where the ground is alive, where the water in the rivers, streams and lakes boils and bubbles like the whimsical brew that you would find in a wizard or witches pot! Its the safari of North America!

A Yellowstone National Park Vacation will undoubtedly leave one dumbfounded and scratching their head as they wonder. How in the heck does this happen? It might have something to do with the giant pool of magma beneath us I’d say…

As a guide in Yellowstone I have the pleasure and privilege of leading family adventure vacations to the far corners of the park to take in the beautiful vistas, hot springs and geysers. It’s nice to see all of the minds hard at work trying to digest what this magical place is trying to show all of us. On a hiking vacation through Yellowstone Park one week is much more than most folks will spend in the park, but this is still not even close to the time it may take to truly digest and even begin to understand what has happened and is still happening here.

I brought some of my family members here a few years ago, an uncle of mine had been adamant that Yosemite National Park was the greatest park of them all, even on our trip through Yellowstone he claimed that Yosemite was king! You see, Yellowstone Park is so vast and different. It slowly seeps into your soul and sticks with you after you’ve returned to regular life. This past Easter I was with family and the National Park conversation came up again. My uncles story had changed a little,” while Yosemite may harbor the big mountain views, its Yellowstone Park that keeps me wondering” he said. “There is something bigger going on there, and i need to see more of it!”

Your Friendly Adventure Guide,

Toby Grapner

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