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Why Book Now? – Look Forward to 2021
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Why Book Now? – Look Forward to 2021


Why Book Now? – Look Forward to 2021

Life in 2020 has just felt like it has been put on hold. There is an uncertainty in the future, and it makes it so difficult to plan and even know what to focus on daily. We have all felt that sluggishness set in throughout the week and I know I’m not the only one to have had Zoom meetings in my sweatpants. It’s just hard to get motivated nowadays when even looking forward to the weekend just doesn’t have the same feeling anymore. Well, how about instead of looking forward to the weekend, we think bigger? Let’s move out of 2020 and start looking forward to the ultimate revenge 2021 vacation you are going to take!

So Why Book Now?

hikers at Moraube lake

Because you should…

It is called the power of anticipation and it is one of the largest motivating factors in your life. The truth is that constantly living in this holding pattern can have serious negative effects on our overall well-being and mental health. As human beings, we are meant to be moving towards something; a goal, a purpose, or an accomplishment. There is a psychological healing in looking forward to Friday because it gives you a motivation to work hard so you can play hard. Imagine having a 2021 vacation to look forward to!

You see, you fill your life with anticipatory rewards without even knowing it. Just going to bed knowing that your alarm won’t go off at 6 am is a reward for your week of hard work. How many times have you thought to yourself, “It’s almost Friday”? Or have you ever felt drained all through the week and then when 5 o’clock hits on Friday evening, you’re completely invigorated? Well, having a vacation on the books is like that times a million! Especially when it’s an action-packed adventure like we offer!

You’ll be looking forward to this vacation with excitement and anticipation for months prior which can put that much needed pep in your step. Shake off this year and start looking forward to your 2021 vacation. When anyone asks why you booked now, just say you did it for your health!

Because you can…

First off, we make it as simple as possible for this to be a no brainer decision. We know the uncertainties and hesitations of this day and age, but we want to alleviate all of that. While other agencies, tours, and cruises are shut down and future vacations are uncertain, we have never stopped! Because our adventure vacations are fully custom and can be made exclusive to you and your group, we WILL make your vacation happen! And for just a $250 deposit that is fully refundable and transferable, you can put dates on the calendar and make your 2021 vacation a real, tangible goal. You can also feel at ease that you are not trapped if things change; we’ve all seen how the world can transform overnight.

This 2021 vacation is supposed to be something you should look forward to with a bit a giddiness; not stress and headaches. In addition to offering you an affordable and flexible way to book now, we also offer you stress-free planning! So, don’t let the idea that you don’t have the time to plan a vacation get in the way. We do everything for you from booking lodging, preparing meals, guiding your adventures, transportation, and more. Think of this as an all-inclusive vacation prepared just for you that won’t be incumbered by the masses or canceled last minute…because that’s exactly what it is.


Because it’s going to be awesome!

This adventure 2021 vacation is going to be unlike any other you have ever gone on! Even if you have traveled with us before, each beautiful destination brings different and amazing experiences. You won’t be looking forward to just the time off you’ll have, you’ll be looking forward to each and every day. From adrenaline packed white-white rafting the Yellowstone River to relaxing on a kayak ride down the canals of Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica, we’ve got the trip that will have you counting down the months, weeks, and days.

So how do I book my 2021 vacation now?

We are so happy you asked! All you need to do is:

  • Contact one of our amazing Adventure Consultants
  • Pick your dates and destination
  • Pay your $250 fully refundable and transferable deposit
  • Get excited (we won’t judge outbursts of vocal enthusiasm)

Overall, we are here for you and we want to help you get out this holding pattern that 2020 has put us all in. There is a reason cabin fever is a real thing and we want you to heal. Austin Adventures is just what the doctor ordered so you just let us know when you are ready to take your revenge 2021 vacation because we are already packed.

By Amanda Walsmith

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