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Why You Really Should Make Time for Travel Now
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Why You Really Should Make Time for Travel Now

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There’s something dynamic, edgy, and just electrifying about last-minute travel.

Surely you can recall sometime in your past where you just said, “Heck, let’s do it!” Then you threw a bag together and were out the door. Maybe it was to join friends for the weekend, a college road trip, or maybe you just needed to get OUT and get away from it all. At some point, you did this – you just pulled the trigger and WENT!

Not surprisingly, the entire Austin Adventures team are fans of travel, fans of just getting OUT and getting away from it all. And we love last-minute travel! We figure; There’s a world out there, it’s big, and the clock is ticking. Let’s get out and see it.

What are some of the benefits of last minute travel? Well, there are a few, and they’re good ones.

Save Time

You save time because your array of options is usually limited, so you simply pick one and go. Forget the trip comparison chart, or all the considerations of (and vacillations between) which destination you think might be the best and somehow just better than all the rest.

Cut the Stress

Less time to plan means less time to fret, wonder, or worry if a trip is absolutely, perfectly ‘right’ for you. Forget spending countless hours online looking for the absolute perfect trip. Instead, pick a trip and skip immediately ahead to packing your bags and making sure your camera batteries are fully charged!

‘Wow’ Your Friends

Just imagine, for a moment, the look on your friends’ faces when you tell them that you’re going to go to, say, Alberta in just a few weeks (or days). Surely, you’ll get a few responses like, “Wait, you’re going WHERE? And WHEN?” You’re going to blow their minds – and confirm to them that you are a dynamic, ‘carpe diem’ sort of soul.

It’s Exciting!

Travel blogger Kaley Ann notes, “Deciding to go somewhere at the last minute and just doing it is exciting. It feels spontaneous. It feels liberating. It feels like you are young and carefree. Even if that completely isn’t the case. If you usually plan things far in advance, try planning a spontaneous trip. I guarantee you will feel the excitement and thrill of a last-minute trip!”

And, let’s be honest, you just don’t know what tomorrow will bring. In that light, it’s always better to get out there and be spontaneous today, rather than putting it off for some other time.

Also not surprisingly, Austin Adventures has a full array of last-minute trips for you to consider, from Alaska to Wyoming to Arizona. So, c’mon and get spontaneous.

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