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Winter Adventure Vacation in Montana
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Winter Adventure Vacation in Montana


Montana is truly a traveler’s playground for all four seasons. Different adventure trips can be enjoyed all year round. During winter, Montana’s mountains are blanketed in snow and its slopes await skiing enthusiasts’ different moves. Yellowstone Park has different trails for cross-country skiing.

There are snow coaches that will comfortably tour you around the landscape without risking frost bite and the various ill-effects of the harsh winter weather. Snow coaches will keep you warm from the below-zero temperature. If you can stand low temperatures and are ready for a new kind of sport, try snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is basically walking on snow using special shoes. While it may look like an easy sport to enjoy, snowshoeing is great way to lose weight.

Snow mobiles are available for rent so you can explore the area in a faster way. Riding the snowmobiles requires a permit. Because winter can be harsh, it is important to follow snowmobile safety procedures so you can enjoy an accident free ride. You can try sleigh rides for a more relaxing way to explore the scenic outdoors. At the end of the adventure filled day, relax your muscles by soaking them into hot springs. Share wonderful stories with the family over the fireplace while sipping hot chocolate.

Austin Adventures offers Montana and Yellowstone National Park Vacation Packages for a great winter vacation experience. Give us a call to learn more or visit our online catalog to book your trip today.

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