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Without These 5 Things, It’s Not an Adventure!
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Without These 5 Things, It’s Not an Adventure!

Hiker on the Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Five Steps to a perfect adventure.

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By Austin Adventures’ guide Corey Meyer

Travel brings happiness, challenges and personal growth opportunities, while expanding our world view.  Traveling taps into a desire, a need to explore someplace different from our home nest. Yet we sometimes resist this urge to go; we hesitate on the threshold of the unknown. Doubt sets in, and instead of believing all the reasons why we should go we begin to seek out all the reasons why we shouldn’t. It’s too expensive. It’s too dangerous. It’s too much work to plan. I don’t want to go alone. I don’t have time to travel. Here are five reasons why you must work up the courage and book that next adventure now. What is holding you back?

The Destination

machu picchu peru


Your social media news feed is filled with beautiful images of exotic locations, of people laughing, smiling, running, eating in a foreign land, and this can become overwhelming. With all of the exposure to so many places, it is tough to make a decision on where to go. You just have to commit, because in the end it really doesn’t matter where you go. Once you cross the threshold of actually going, everything will fall into place, and the journey along the way will be the most enriching part of your experience.

The People

croatian farmer


They are anxiously waiting your arrival. Well, most of them.  It is instinctual to help someone who is traveling in your homeland. This is a trait of humanity across the world.  Some cultures are more hospitable than others, but for the most part, the locals will be curious of you and will often want to share their story. Take the time to listen, accept a tea offering or a beer from a generous local, and listen to what they want to tell you.  I often find the further I go off the beaten path, the more excited the locals are to take you in.

If you are traveling with a local guide, they are excited to meet you upon arrival.  Their passion for the environment you are about to be immersed in is second to none. They will be your motivator, your friend, and your safety. At the end of your vacation, they will thank you for letting them be a part of your journey. This also helps support the local economy in a sustainable way.

The Food

travel food

One of the biggest parts of travel is the cuisine. There are shows on the travel channel dedicated to food in foreign lands. Take the time to seek out that unique dining experience and be brave when looking at the menu. If you can’t pronounce it, order it. The odds are you aren’t going to have another opportunity to consume it elsewhere.  Eat street food, bus food—eat it all. Don’t hesitate because it doesn’t look sanitary, it is probably better for you than the packaged fluff you eat at home anyway. One of my simple favorites when traveling is the bread, most of the world still has fresh-baked bread sold everywhere for pennies.

Feeling Alive

crater lake

Travel to escape the mundane cycle of life. Push your comfort zone, and it will stimulate new senses and make you feel alive. Let go of the fear! Our media persuades us not to travel, and our own nation is isolating itself out of fear, creating travel bans and convincing people that the world is unsafe beyond our borders. Let go of that fear and feel alive again. Go on an adventure vacation!

Memories Made

canadian rockies memoreis

An adventure vacation can build great memories—and stories—when you return to the office and your friends and family. These experiences are what life is about, so start making memories. Go now!

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