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Your Phone Can Improve Your Adventure
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Your Phone Can Improve Your Adventure


Traveling is an undeniably amazing experience; seeing new sights, meeting new people, and expanding your mindset is incredibly valuable to personal development. However, travel is not without stress. It seems, no matter how perfectly we plan, little worries plague our journeys and ruin the experience. Here at Austin Adventures, we know that we’re living in a digital age. So, our proposal is this; use modernization to your advantage and use apps to quell any travel worries you may find yourself having! Without further ado, here are some of Austin Adventures’ favorite apps to help with your adventures! 



We’ve all experienced the catastrophe of forgetting something important when traveling. Whether it be a cell phone charger or a wallet, leaving an essential item behind can cause immense amounts of stress and worry which stand to ruin a vacation in its entirety.

Say goodbye to forgetful packing with Packpoint. This revolutionarily simple packing list app makes sure you have every last thing you may need before your feet leave the doorstep. This app boasts a simple user interface which allows users to select where they’re departing to, what they plan to do there, and who is accompanying them. After deciding these factors, Packpoint creates a comprehensive packing list that will ensure you never leave an essential item behind again.


Check out Packpoint!

XE Currency

Another common problem many of our guests face when leaving their home country is that of currency exchange rates. Many travelers struggle with understanding how far their dollar can get them in a foreign country, and more often than not, this leads to over or under budgeting for a trip.

Enter stage left: XE Currency. This simple and accurate app interface allows users to access exchange rates anywhere they can dream of in a matter of seconds. XE Currency is the most accurate exchange rate monitoring service out there, and we here at Austin Adventures love the convenience they offer. As our guests know, our primary goal is to allow them to melt into the experience and not worry about logistics. XE Currency allows all that and more, making us birds of a feather which will indeed flock together.

Check out XE Currency!

Mobile Passport

For any adventurers considering coming to the United States, a passport is an essential item to have on hand. However, we all know how easy it is to lose track of smaller items in the rush of traveling. Drivers licenses, passports, and airline tickets seem to have a knack for hiding in the deep reaches of our baggage which hands seem to be unable to find. Nothing compares to the rushed feeling of holding up the line in customs or the irritated glances of other travel-worn people.

Mobile Passport is Austin Adventures’ ideal solution to this universal issue. This app allows users to completely digitize the process of entering the United States of America. All that is required is a short profile creation process, a simple questionnaire, and boom! You’re prepared to enter the USA, and the receipt from your submission is valid for up to four hours. International travelers can complete this process while flying and can get through customs in record time.

Check out Mobile Passport!


While the other roadblocks we have discussed in this article certainly pose some inconvenience, the ultimate issue when traveling abroad is undeniably language barriers. Being in a country where you cannot communicate with the general public without spotty interpretation can cause frustration and decrease the value of what could have been an excellent getaway. Learning an entire language to go on a short trip seems remarkably unrealistic; so, what’s a passionate adventurer who wants to communicate with the locale to do?

Memrise is a language learning app with a twist. Rather than spending their time learning verb forms, users will be able to determine what they think will benefit them. You choose what you learn, and Memrise helps you get there. If you’d like to learn phrases related to food services, Memrise can help with that. If you’d like to be able to make small talk with the cab driver, Memrise can help with that, too. The possibilities are limitless so long as learners put their minds to it!

Check out Memrise!

While these apps are all incredibly helpful, the best way to ensure you have worry-free travel is to let someone else do the planning. With pre-planned itineraries, experienced guides, and a money-back guarantee, Austin Adventures is ready to make your travel dreams come true in the most stress-free way possible. Why wait? Let’s get out there.

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