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Bryan Codi

Bryan was born and raised in the tiniest of towns, Virginville, PA (you can look it up).   In 2000 he moved to Colorado to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder and helped found the CU Alpine Club. Subsequently, he honed his passion for guiding while leading underclassmen on rock climbing, mountain biking and rafting trips across the American West.   After graduating in 2004 with a degree in Archaeology he moved to Breckenridge Colorado to further pursue his outdoor interests.

Bryan has guided trips and personally traveled to hundreds of destinations in over 60 countries. His adventures range from alpine mountaineering, climbing and snowboarding in Nepal and Kashmir, driving overland 4X4 safari across Africa, to guiding multiple whitewater expeditions down the Grand Canyon right here in the U.S.  Bryan has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, trekked across Patagonia, and dove with whale sharks in the Philippines.  He is also a fierce scrabble competitor, trivia aficionado, an avid hunter and pretty stellar in the kitchen (especially with wild game).

What’s your favorite vacation destination?

Africa. The continent is so vast and contains so many different regions and awe-inspiring experiences… you could spend a lifetime there.

What’s your favorite bike ride?

Mountain biking The Whole Enchilada in Moab, UT.  34 miles of singletrack with 8,000′ of descent.

What’s your favorite historical site, castle, museum, etc.?

Machu Picchu is a place that has always taken my breath away, and I am always excited to get back there!

Describe the most amazing experience you’ve had while traveling:

While on a recent trip to Vietnam my friend and I attempted to sea kayak across Ha Long bay.  A storm blew in and forced us to spend almost 30 hours on a small deserted island, doing our best attempts at Survivor meets Gilligan’s Island.  A few caught fish, a hand started fire and some rainwater and we were quite at home!

What’s your favorite trip to guide? Why?

Hiking/walking Ireland Why? The people will instantly make you feel that you are part of an Irish family, and you will always want to go back!

Favorite Movie?


Favorite Book?

The Odyssey by Homer

Favorite Outdoor Activity?

Climbing, Mountain Biking, Backcountry Snowboarding… don’t make me pick just one

What are your hobbies?

Really anything outside, all adventure sports, golfing, hunting, backpacking.

When did you first catch the travel bug?

I got my first passport in 2001 to leave the country for the first time… nothing big, just a month long backpacking trip across Thailand.  After that I have spent the last 17 years abroad in 60 countries more than I’ve been home and have no intention of slowing down.

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