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Elsja Mecham
Trip Guide

Elsja Mecham

Elsja pronounced as (Ell-sha) grew up in potato country Rigby, Idaho and then moved to red rock heaven Utah. She developed her sense of adventure from her fun loving brothers who taught her how to ruff and tough. From working at zipline courses, climbing the Grand Teton, camping out in the Toyota Sequoia for fresh ski powder, rock climbing/rappelling in Big Sky, Montana, water skiing in June on Hebgan Lake, going toad hunting, and eating lots of tinfoil dinners around the campfire, Elsja’s brothers and family have made adventuring a lifestyle for her.

Elsja just recently graduated from Utah State University where she ran track and field and competed in the 400m hurdles (she knows… ew). Even though she obviously likes to suffer, she ensures that anyone who rolls with her will have the best time. When Elsja is not guiding for Austin Adventures you can catch her shredding the pow pow in Sun Valley, Idaho where she promotes inclusion, diversity, and community for Sun Valley Ski Resort employees. Elsja also has a reusable bag business called NYCE Bags that promotes sustainability and brings awareness to climate change. Her passions are people, adventures, and sustainability.

Favorite vacation destination:

The Oregon Coast. There’s nothing like the way my hair curls in the salty ocean mist. I also really enjoy boogie-boarding at Cape Kiwanda.

Favorite Hike:

Any hike where I can see or be on top of the Grand Teton is a favorite for me.

Favorite Bike Ride:

American Fork Canyon in Utah. It is a beautiful well earned view at the top and a thrilling ride down.

Elsja Mecham

Favorite Movie:

Despicable Me, I LOVE minions!

Favorite Book:

Vegetarian and gluten-free cookbooks

Favorite Song:

Party In the USA by Miley Cyrus. This has always been my pump-up song for any track meet, dance-off, or karaoke challenge.

When did you first catch the travel bug:

When I started attending Utah State University in 2019. I found a great sense of adventure because I would travel every weekend to different states to compete for track. During the trips I would explore the cities, food choices, and running trails. My favorite location to compete is Seattle, Washington. The trail running is amazing, the ocean is beautiful, the vibes are totally up my alley, and who doesn’t love fish & chips.

What are your hobbies:

Trail running with my good dog Scout, hot spring hopping, cliff jumping in Enos, Montana, skiing all forms of water, finding my zen with yoga, rock climbing in Utah, backpacking into Dunanda Falls, hiking the Grand Teton, camping on the Oregon Coast, thrift shopping anywhere, and taking naps in my hammock.

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