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Giuliano Freeo

Giuliano was born in California, the middle of three sons. After living briefly in Bolivia and Singapore, they moved to Southwest Virginia to start an organic sheep and poultry farm. There he developed an appreciation and love for the outdoors. Working on the farm at an early age, Giuliano learned many invaluable skills. Starting campfires, herding sheep, reading game trails, and bailing hay were his favorite hobbies on the farm. Amongst the oaks and mountains of the Blue Ridge, he learned to jump rivers in a single leap and billy goat the sides of mountains. His favorite pastime of the summer was “Farm Camp,” where he and his family would host 30 kids from the neighboring city for a week. Showing them the beauty of nature was an indelible memory and he has carried that into his guiding profession.


Upon graduating from Virginia Tech with majors in international relations and history, Giuliano spent a year backpacking from Nicaragua to Argentina. Along the way he completed many adventurous activities including: crossing the Caribbean in a sail boat, hiking the Ciudad Perdida in Colombia and the Salkantay in Peru, and was almost drowned by Poseidon in the Pacific. Since that post-college trip, he has continued his wanderlust, visiting over 35 countries from New Zealand to Russia to Morocco. His love for the outdoors, adventurous travels, and meeting new people have made him a natural fit in the guiding profession. Living in Big Sky, Montana for the past three years has allowed Giuliano to further his pursuit of outdoor adventure, as well as continue working in the travel industry. In the offseason, he skis the Rockies, participates in sailing and scuba courses, practices Spanish, travels, and catches up with family and friends.

Favorite vacation destination?

Anywhere in Latin America

Favorite hike?

Mt. Tallac – Lake Tahoe

Favorite bike ride?

Mountain to Meadow – Big Sky

Favorite movie?

Count of Monte Cristo

Favorite book?


Favorite song?

Soulshine by the Allman Brothers

Where did you first catch the travel bug?

I first caught the travel bug when I went to study abroad in Seville, Spain my junior year of college. From the age of 6 until 20 I had almost exclusively been on the East Coast. I had forgotten most of my memories of living abroad as a young child, and this trip opened my eyes to the incredible world that we have to explore.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy skiing, road trips, learning new skills, traveling, backpacking, scuba diving, sailing, and spending time with my family and friends.

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