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Hodges Berry
Trip Guide

Hodges Berry

Hodges Berry was born and raised in Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hiking, camping, and exploring these mountains with his father and older brother at a young age generated the spark of adventure and exploration for him. The spark gained more fuel traveling to the beaches of North Carolina with his family every summer, opening his eyes to new landscapes, environments, people, and surfing. Given the taste of both environments, the travel bug within him took root, and the drive to explore more began. During his time at The University of Georgia, where he graduated with a major in Anthropology and minor in Ecology, he traveled much of the natural landscape in Georgia through his Ecology major, identifying fish in many of the rivers and streams, observing marine mammals along the coastline, and understanding the unique ecosystems in the different regions of the state. He traveled to Costa Rica for five months through his Anthropology of Surfing class and was captivated by the tropics.  Upon graduating, he moved to Panama to work on a start-up permaculture farm and real estate project on the edge of the Chagres National Park in Panama.  

‘Work’ consisted of farmwork, building rustic structures, and observing the Chagres.  Leading hikes to the many waterfalls, streams, and overlooks along the mountains were some of his most cherished memories.  Outside of work he was able to travel throughout the country of Panama, mainly to the coastlines, as surfing is his number one sport of choice. After three years in Panama, he moved to Big Sky, Montana, spending his winters in the snow, and summers and falls traveling three months at a time to Panama, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Morocco, and Thailand, surfing, exploring, and soaking in the new landscapes and culture.  He plans on expanding that list of countries visited as his love for outdoor adventure and travel continues to grow.  Whenever ‘work’ and travel are not present in his life, he spends his time with his family in Virginia, sharing stories of his adventures, showing photos of the new people and places, and strumming his guitar to tie it all together. 


What’s your favorite vacation destination?  


What’s your favorite hike?  

Chagres Ridgeline, Kalu Yala Panama.

What’s your favorite bike ride? 

Black Water Creek Trail.

Favorite movie?  

Tommy Boy.

Favorite book?   

The Count of Monte Cristo.

Favorite song?  

You Enjoy Myself.

When did you first catch the travel bug? 

When I first saw a photo of a monkey in elementary school and realized I could not see one in Virginia.

What are your hobbies?  

Guitar, Surfing, Snowboarding, Board Games.

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