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Kristin Romero

Kristin grew up as the youngest of six in southern New Jersey and survived, albeit with a minimal east coast accent. Trained in classical ballet and tap from a young age, Kristin spent a majority of her early years performing and then teaching tap all over the New York City/Philadelphia area.

After attending Rutgers University, she made the decision to move westward for a summer in an attempt to broaden her horizons before diving into the professional, post-college world and six years later here we are!

She has spent multiple summers working in both Yellowstone and Glacier national parks and now likes to split her time between Park City, Utah and Portland, Oregon. She has also been incredibly fortunate to be able to travel the world in her downtime, with some of her favorite destinations including Ecuador, Indonesia, and Italy.

When she’s not guiding, Kristin chips away at her life-goal of becoming a well-rounded renaissance woman but her number one “joy de Vivre” will always be the theatre arts. She also enjoys psychological studies and learning more about environmental sustainability.

What’s Your Favorite Vacation Destination?

I always love visiting South and Central America because of the opportunity to improve my Spanish while relaxing on vacation. (Though, I usually end up relaxing a little bit more than improving my Spanish.)

What’s Your Favorite Hike?

I love the Dawson-Pitamakan Trail Loop in the Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park. It is a long day, but if you can knock out the 17 miles without having to set up camp along the way it’s SO worth it to be able to enjoy the views without all the extra weight!

What’s Your Favorite Bike Ride?

I love biking anywhere! I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was much older, which is pretty neat, because I have such a childlike fascination with all things bicycle now.

Favorite Movie?

I’m somewhat of a Wes Anderson fan so Grand Budapest Hotel is pretty high on the list. The Wedding Singer is always a go-to as well.

Favorite Book?

I’m currently working my way through Karl Ove Knausgaard’s “My Struggle” which I’m really enjoying.

Favorite Song?

I grew up around a lot of Steve Miller Band and Cat Stevens, so all those songs are pretty ingrained in my head…I’d like to think at least partially by choice.

When Did You First Catch the Travel Bug?

When I was 19, my family took a trip up to Alaska. I had hardly been outside of New Jersey and was awed by how beautiful it was. I remember wanting to participate in all the activities I could (hiking, zip-lining, glass-blowing, you name it) and when I returned home I began looking up ways to transfer to a college in Alaska. That never ended up happening but I think it is safe to say this trip definitely inspired me to explore more.

What are your Hobbies?

I enjoy skiing, watercolor painting, tap dancing, hiking/backpacking, drawing, wilderness medicine, vinyassa/yin yoga, herbalism, learning more about things I think I already know a lot about but in actuality know very little about, baking/cooking (I have a few food intolerances that I’ve learned to accommodate pretty tastily!), watching good theatre, prowling the internet for new music that I enjoy, seeing live music in any form, opting to walk everywhere, and saying I’m going to learn to play the banjo but never actually doing it.

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