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Natalie Moore

I’ve always loved being outside – as a kid I conquered every yard, collecting insects, amphibians and reptiles, climbing trees, and testing the limits of my mom’s grass stain removal skills. After graduating from the College of Charleston in South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology, I started my career in the great outdoors. At first I spent my summers working as a deckhand on tour boats in Seward, Alaska, and eventually, I began working for the National Park Service. Working in National Parks really cemented my love of this planet and our environment, and it became my mission to help foster a connection in others with the outdoors. This eventually led me to a career in adventure travel! When I’m not guiding I spend a lot of time in Charleston, SC, where I work as a bicycle mechanic in a local bike shop.


Favorite Travel Destination?

That’s a tough one, but there’s nothing for me like the feeling of being way high up in the Sierra Nevadas, where the pikas and alpine lakes are.

What’s Your Favorite Hike?

Another tough one, but the Rae Lakes Loop out of Kings Canyon National Park comes to mind. It’s a 40-mile loop through a remote area of the Sierras, and joins up with the John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail at certain points. Every day on the trail is so special. One hour you’ll be walking through a grove of quaking aspen trees, the next along a raging river flanked by sheer granite cliffs, the next jumping into a clear alpine lake, the next chasing a bear away from your campsite. It’s the best!

What’s Your Favorite Bike Ride?

I’ve recently started mountain biking, and my favorite place to ride right now is a wooded trail near some gorgeous wetlands outside of Charleston. Nothing like bunny-hopping over alligators (just kidding, sort of).

What are your Hobbies?

Camping, walking through beautiful places, learning to identify plants and birds, mountain biking, swimming in rivers, planning trips, driving to a new place, seeing friends, making collages, singing, playing the banjo, and sewing.

Favorite Movie?

Probably Blackfish – not necessarily because of the movie itself, but because the film brought so much awareness to a controversial issue…and because I love orcas!

Favorite Book?

I love the book “Tiny Beautiful Things” Cheryl Strayed. You may know Cheryl Strayed as the author who wrote the book “Wild” about the woman who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. This book is totally different, but incredibly profound.

Favorite Song?

Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles…or maybe A Day In The Life.

When Did You First Catch the Travel Bug?

Growing up in a military family, I moved around a lot and ended up in Alaska when I was 7. This experience opened my eyes to how wild and wonderful the world is, and to this day I love moving around and seeing new places.

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